Tollywood Sequels That Went Totally Wrong!!!

1. Nagavalli

1 NagavalliChandramukhi has been a huge success for the story, acting, direction and music. But nagavalli totally took it wrong for every reason that movie has been made. Venkatesh endi….Villain endi!!!

2. Aarya-2

2 Arya 2Arya lo una magic ee movie lo ledu. Allu Arjun tried doing justice but somehoe this movie lacked the ‘Feel my love’.

3. Shiva and Shiva 2006

3 Shiva 2006The original is the best and will always be the best of RGV and Nagarjuna. The sequal just went so wrong and original lo una story and magic motham poindi!

4. Sardaar Gabbar

4 Saddar Gabbar SinghSinghAsalu ee movie enduku, endi emo teliyadu. Gabbar Singh lo singing comedy bit hit aindi ani indulo daanni chaaala bad ga petti……What is happening?!

5. Money Money More Money

5 MoneyBrahmanandam and JD have their best film to be Money. But the sequel was not needed for the best of reasons.

6. KICK 2

6 Kick 2Asalu no KICK!!!!!

7. Mantra 2

7 Mantra 2Mantra movie became a thriller and a horror movie that gave a different scope and Charmi did a great job. But Mantra 2 ….. no sir, no!!

8. Vennela 1.5

8 VennalaVennela is an out-of-the-box movie. But vennela 1.5 was nowhere near the box.

Manmadhudu 2

Whatsapp Image 2020 08 20 At 2.00.14 PmIka Nagarjuna Manmadhudu movie elanti classic oo mana andariki telisindhe kani ee movie ki sequel ga vacchina Manmadhudu 2 disaster aindi.

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