Top 10 Amazing Gadgets In The World, We Bet You Don’t Know

Technology is growing at a rapid rate, things that we thought would be impossible just a decade ago are now possible thanks to a few brilliant inventions. The world that we live in right now is jam-packed with new inventions almost every day.

Some of these gadgets do look cool as hell, but some of them can be extremely useful in our day to day lives. These gadgets can give rise to new possibilities, things you never thought you could do.

If you are someone who is a tech geek and are willing to spend your hard-earned money, then you can get the coolest gadgets the world has to offer. We have made a list of the most amazing gadgets in the world.

Dashbon Mask

1 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldIf you are someone who streams a lot of content on your phone, then you might be tired of the small screen that your phone has. Dashbon Mask changes this entirely. It is a mobile wearable movie theatre that lets you play your favourite movies and tv shows from your smartphones on a giant screen. Just plug the gadget onto your device, and you’re ready to go. Dashbon Mask looks like a normal headphone, which means that that you can lose yourself in your favourite music. With immersive viewing experience combined with high fidelity sound, Dashbon Mask is a one of its kind gadget.

Ice orb levitating speaker

2 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldCertainly one of the more futuristic-looking gadgets on the list, the Ice orb is a Bluetooth levitating speaker. The gadget is loaded with features like a special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect, built-in NFC to easily connect with your tablets and smartphones. The gadget also features a magnetic base, which allows the speaker to float in the air, the magnetic base also acts as a charging dock. A single charge offers over 10 hours of playback time. If you are someone who loves good music but are looking for something that stands out, then the Ice orb is for you.


3 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldVortx is the world’s first environmental simulator for PC gaming. Its unique and complex algorithm allows it to detect game events and bring the action to life, which means that you’ll be able to feel effects such as wind and heat which sync with the in-game events, allowing you for a more immersive experience. The great thing about the device is that it is fairly easy to use, just plug the device to you pc and you’re good to go. It is compatible with all games and also features a sensitivity dial so that you can customize the settings to your liking, making it a must-have for gamers as it enhances the overall experience.

360 fly camera

4 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldThe 360 fly camera is truly a revolutionary device. With the help of this gadget, you can record a 4k 360° video at ease. it offers a first-person Pov, and is dust and shockproof, the idea behind the gadget is that things often happen a blistering pace, and sometimes it’s not possible to capture everything that is happening, however with a 360-degree view, you can capture the entire surroundings, never missing out on anything. The camera comes with a mobile app, through which you can view, edit and share videos. The 360 fly camera is a solid device, amazing for adventure seekers.


5 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldHiMo is a folding E-Bike that you can carry with you. This is possible because of its compact size, the entire body is made of aluminium alloy, but is designed in such a way that you can easily fold it, the bike weighs just 14.5 kgs, making it extremely light for an E-Bike. The bike is loaded with several features, it has a 7500 MAH removable battery, padded seating, and high performing LED headlights. The bike can achieve a top speed of 18 KM/HR, and mileage of 30kms on a single charge. The HiMo Foldable E-bike is an excellent choice for portable transport, a concept made possible thanks to their brilliant invention.

Ulo camera

6 Amazing Gadgets In The WorldULO is a surveillance camera that looks like an owl, it has two 1.22 inch Lcd screens that act as the owl eyes. What makes this gadget unique is that it can follow movements, once the camera senses any type of movement, it keeps a track on the movement and sends an alert to the user via email. You can easily connect the camera to your phone using wifi, and once the wifi is disconnected, Ulo starts recording. it’s a great gadget to keep a check on things while you’re away from the house. Ulo also looks extremely stylish, and is quite customizable, using the app provided, you can easily change the colour of the eyes and capture snapshots.


Father.IOEver wondered of playing video games in the real world? well, it’s now possible. Father.IO is the world’s first real-life Augmented Reality First Person Shooter. It combines the first-person shooting and augmented reality to turn the real world into battle arenas that you can play with your friends. The device contains a real-time GPS location system and offers several gameplay modes that up to 32 members can play at the same time. Father. IO offers laser tag-like experience, which is made possible with the help of Inceptor, a gadget that attaches to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, and with the help of infrared projection and sensing technology communicates with other units to enable accuracy up to 150 feet away.


CHiPEveryone loves dogs, but what if I told you that there’s an intelligent and affectionate robot dog available on the market with advance sensors, that learns based on the way you treat him? Does it sound too unreal? However, it’s true, CHiP is the world’s first robot dog. Also, he’s much more than just a cool looking gadget. You can interact with CHiP using a smart band, and teach him new things. The more he learns, the smarter he becomes, his behaviour depends on your choices, with the help of feedback buttons on the smart band, you can let chip know whether you like his behaviour or not. Thanks to his advance sensors, CHiP is fully aware of the surroundings, and even returns to his charging dock, when its time for a recharge. CHip is an experience, one that your kids will truly love.


AirbarAirbar can turn the screen of any laptop it’s attached to into a touch screen. It comes in different sizes and is compatible with both windows and mac. Installing the Airbar on your laptop is simple, just place it on the bottom of your screen, and plug it in the USB of your laptop. Airbar comes with two magnets, that attach to the bottom of your screen, for easy removal. The Airbar is insanely precise and works like a charm, so much so that you’ll forget that you’re using a normal laptop. It has all the features that you would get in a touchscreen, from tapping to zooming. Regular firmware updates mean that you’ll be getting new features constantly, and comparing the price of this gadget to touchscreen laptops, it seems like a no brainer.

Ember Travel Mug 2

Ember Travel Mug 2The Ember travel mug is a smart mug that maintains the temperature of your beverage, making it the world’s first temperature control mug. It has a built-in battery that can maintain the desired temperature for 3 hours, or all day when paired with the charging coaster. The mug is leakproof and has a 360-degree lid, meaning you can take a sip from any side. The mug also features a touch screen display, through which you can change the temperature level and check the battery life. If you are someone who drinks a lot of beverages and are tired of your beverages going cold, then this device is for you.

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