These Top 10 Food Trucks In Hyderabad Are Your Saviours During Midnight Cravings

Food on wheels…..vinadaniki bhale undikada. Eppudu unna busy life lo restaurant velli order chesi wait chesi food ni enjoy chese time and opika yanthamandi  ki undi? Kaani foodies… mouthwatering and scrumptious food ni asslu miss  avvkrledu eppdu wheels mide  variety of dishes in own style from global cuisines to local ani trucks lo dorukuthai.
Noroorinche food tinalante yekkadiko restaurants ki velli lot of money pay cheyyanavasaram ledu, home cooked food ki daggara ga tasty ga unati ee food serve cheyyadam ee trucks special. From east to west… south to north ….dosa to pizza ela different varieties  of food trucks ante Hyderabad lone kanipisthai manaki. hunger ni satisfy cheyyadaniki me food trucks hunt ni end cheyyadaniki ee article ni scroll down cheyyandi.
1. Parathawalas and Grill
Food trucks
Plate full of Punjabi cooked food ni me budget lo pocket-friendly price tho tinalanukunte miru visit cheyyalsindi Parathawalas and Grill food truck ni. The Best ever combination of Parathas and tandoori chicken ni serve chestaru ikkada.
Must Try:  Chicken and mutton parathas, shawarmas, Kathi rolls and kebabs.
Opening hours: 4 PM to 11 PM
Location: Film Nagar
2. Dosa Place
Food trucks
Hyderabad most delicious street food ante Dosa ane cheppali. No matter idi chala mandiki favorite food. Mari alanti delicious dosas kavalante miru tappakunda visit cheyyalsina place Dosa Place. Ikkada beyond me imagination large varieties of dosas available lo untai.
Must try: Their signature dosas and Chinese, mushroom, sweet corn cheese, American chop suey dosas.
Opening hours: 5 PM to 11 PM
Location: beside Avasa, Madhapur
3. Auto Express Hot dog
Food trucks
Best American dishes city lo try chesi chesi bore feel ayyara? Alanti vallaki idi oka relief. Ee Hot dogs’ auto Secunderabad lo rounds vestune untundi. adi kuda just for rs.70 ke.
Opening hours: 4 PM to 1 AM
Location: Near HDFC bank, Paradise circle, Secunderabad.
4. Kingz Landing
Food trucks
All the GOT fans and foodies listen up! Finally GOT send ayyindi. GoT inspired food van matram ikkade hyderabad lone undi with delectable and interesting menu tho. try it for ee menu lo chala specials untai.
Opening hours:  12 PM to 11:30 PM
Location: Kun United Hyundai Showroom, Kothaguda.
5. Chepotle
Food trucks
Chepotle… Hot & Spicy Mexican food and American cuisine specials dorike palce. Me own meal ni mere prepare chesukune option kuda undi ikkada. variety of burritos, tacos and chips, and salsa and complete meal with low calories dorike food truck ide whole city lo.
Must try: Chicken Burritos, Chips and Salsa.
Opening hours: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Location: Gachibowli and Hitech city
6. Spitfire Barbecue
Food trucks
BBQ antene Burgers and barbeques kada… mari alanti food tinalante restaurant ke vella? Avasarame ledu ippudu idi kuda truck midaki vacheysindi.
Must try:  Cinnamon rolls, BBQ chicken, to juicy burgers
Opening hours: 8 PM to 11:45 PM
Location: Metro Pillar No 21. Mettuguda main road near railway degree college.
7. Sofrehh
Food trucks
Persian cuisine lovers andariki manchi feast lanti place Sofrehh Persian Bistro. Ee sofrehh lo everything fine with ambiance, the food, and the music in economical price.
Must try: classic bastani, a blend of saffron and rose water flavored ice cream.
Opening hours: 5 PM to 1 AM
Location: Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills.
8. Hungry Parrots
Food trucks
Lip smacking shawarmas in less than rs.60 serve cheysey famous food court ee Hungry parrots. Shawarmas ni roasted chicken, spicy paneer combination lo serve chestaru.
Must try:  egg bhujji wrapped in a rumali roti with garlic flavoured mayonnaise
Opening hours: 5:30 PM to 12:30 AM
Location: Hitech City
9. Fat cow creamy 
Food trucks
Amazing stone ice creams in different flavors dorike truck, Ice cream on wheels annamata.  Name lo unnatu gane delicious ice creams at economical price ante fat cow creamy ae. Desserts and ice creams most famous ikkada.
Must try: oreo and cream.
Opening hours: 1 PM to 12:30 AM
Location: Banjara Hills
10.  Chettinad Vilas
Food trucks
Chettinad Specials ni istapade variki akkadiki ruchulanu ikkada parichayam chesindi ee chettinad food truck. Authentic style of chettinad varieties anni ikkada available ga untai.
Opening hours: 7Pm to 12Pm
Location: shifted to Kachiguda near Kumar theater