Top 10 Greatest Actress Of Indian Cinema, Ranked – As Per Audience Poll

Oka famous magazine oka poll conduct chesindi, ee poll okka mukya uddesam enti ante, ‘Greatest Actress In Indian Cinema’

Not only present generation heroines gurinchi kaadu, Indian cinema puttina roju nunchi ippati daaka unna heroines andaru ee poll lo unnaru, inthamandhi heroines lo mana audience vaallaki great anipinchina heroines ki vote vesaru, ee audience poll aadaramga ‘India lo greatest actress’ list create chesaru.

Inthaki ee list lo Top 10 evaru untaru, asalu India lo audience paramga the greatest actress evaru ayyi undavachu!!! Any guesses!!!

No need to guess, aa audience poll results ikkada list chesam, take a look and comment down your take on it.

Rank 1: Sridevi

The greatest Indian actress of all time. And she is a pan-Indian superstar those days.

Rank 2: Madhuri Dixit

The greatest dancer that Indian cinema has ever seen.

Rank 3: Mahanati Savitri

Mahanati Savitri, amma gurinchi entha cheppina takkuve.

Rank 4: Madhubala

The best-looking woman in Bollywood history, she was called ‘Venus of the screen’

Rank 5: Sharadha

Three-time National-Award winning actress, our very own Sharadha garu ranked at no. 5

Rank 6: Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi was a performer of extraordinary talent.

Rank 7: Nargis

She was the first film personality to win the Padma Shri.

Rank 8: Smita Patil

She had just a career of over a decade, but she was the leading light of parallel cinema.

Rank 9: Madhabi Mukherjee

She played the title role in the great Satyajit Ray’s Charulatha.

Rank 10: Rekha

Bollywood’s most enigmatic leading lady.

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