KGF To Kabzaa: Top 10 High Budget Kannada Movies

KGF To Kabzaa: Top 10 High Budget Kannada Movies

Kannada Cinema is reaching a broad audience, new boundaries, and new heights with its content and collections. The face of Kannada Cinema changed after movies like KGF Kantara, Charlie, Vikrant Rona and Kabzaa in recent times. Sandalwood is now focusing on content with PAN-India appeal and approach.

High Budget movies like KGF and low-budget Kantara movies received the same in Karnataka and as well as in other states and in India. Both KGF and Kantara movies went on to become the biggest hits of Kannada Cinema. Now Kabzaa is also made with a high budget and running successfully at the box office.

Take A Look At the Top 10 High-Budget Kannada Movies

10. Pailwaan

Budget: Rs 50 Cr

Kiccha Sudeep starring in the sports drama movie Pailwan movie made with a budget of Rs 50 Cr. Directed by S Krishna, Pailwaan’s movie included a stellar cast like Sunil Shetty, Aaknksha Singh, Sushanth Singh, Avinash, and others.

9. Kranti
Budget: Rs 55 Cr

D Boss Darshan starring Kranti movie, the action drama made with a budget of Rs 55 Crore. Kranti movie directed by V. Harikrishna is an average hit at the Kannada box office.

8. Roberrt
Budget: Rs 55 Cr

Robbert movie starring Darshan, Asha Bhat is action thriller made with a budget of Rs 55 Cr. This movie became a huge hit at the Kannada box office with collections of Rs 80+ Crore.

7. James
Budget: Rs 65

Puneeth Rajkumar starrer James movie received a huge opening as the movie was released after the untimely death of Puneeth Rajkumar. James made with Rs 65 Cr and collected 80-90 Cr at the box office.

6. Kotigobba 3
Budget: Rs 70 Cr

Kiccha Sudeep starrer Kotigobba 3 movie the 3rd installment of the Kotigobba franchise made with a budget of Rs 70 Cr. Directed by Shiva Karthik, Kotigobba 3 movie went on to become a commercial success at the box office.

5. Kurukshetra
Budget: Rs 75 Cr

Kannada director Muniratna recreated the epic mythology movie Mahabharata with D Boss Darshan. This modern Mahabharatha tale starring Darshan as Duryodhana received well at the box office with 90+ Crore collections at the Kannada box office.

4. KGF: Chapter 1
Budget: Rs 90

Prashanth Neel & Yash’s movie KGF Chapter 1 became a monster hit in Kannada and other Indian languages. KGF: Chapter 1 movie is the first Kannada movie to collect 100, 150, 200 and 25o crore at the box office.

3. Vikrant Rona
Budget: Rs 95 Cr

Vikrant Rona movie starring Kiccha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline made with a budget of 95 Cr. This mystery thriller released in Kannada and other Indian languages received well at the box office and collected 250+ Crore in all languages.

2. Kabzaa
Budget: Rs 120 Cr

After a huge gap Real star, Upendra made a comeback with the Kabzaa movie. Upendra, Sudeep Kiccha, Shriya Saran, Dev Gill, and others ensemble cast made with a budget of Rs 120 Crore. Kabzaa movie is going well at the box office.

1. KGF: Chapter 2
Budget: Rs 200 Cr

KGF Chapter 2, made with a budget of Rs 200 Crore went on to become an all-time hit in Indian Cinema with 1000+ Crore collections. KGF Chapter 2 received an overwhelming response from all languages it was released in.

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