TCS To Tech Mahindra: Top 10 IT Companies In India In 2022 & Their Revenue

Top 10 IT Companies In India In 2022 & Their Revenue

The Information Technology (IT) Industry plays a major role in boosting India’s economy, GDP. The IT Sector In India boomed after the rise of Indian based IT Companies like Infosys, HCL & TCS of Tata Group. TCS & Infosys companies are pioneers in IT Industry, they are outperforming others in IT industry since ages.

Not only TCS & Infosys, the other IT Companies like Wipro, HCL & Tech Mahindra were adding their hand in developing & delivering software exports to the World countries with operations from our land and workforce talent of our own.

Here are Top 10 IT Companies In India In 2022 & Their Revenues

1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Revenue: 1,67,311 Cr
Market Value: 900,000
Total Employees: 400,000+

Tata Group’s – IT Base Tata Consultancy Services AKA TCS tops the list in Top 10 IT Companies with revenue growth of $21.54 B in 2020 to $24.93 B in 2022.

2. Infosys

Revenue: 1.02 Lakh Cr
Market Value: 300,000 Cr
Total Employees: 230,000+

Infosys, one of the leading IT sectors in India, sees a good annual revenue growth of 20.28% increase in 2021 to $16.311B in 2022.

3. HCL Technologies

Revenue: Approx 80,000 Cr
Market Value: 150,000 Cr
Total Employees: 200,000+

HCL, became the leading IT company in no time with integrating services in IT Sector, with a targeted game plan in creating IT jobs to deliver IT exports.

4. Wipro

Revenue: 65,000 Cr
Market Value: 150,000 Cr
Total Employees: 150,000+

With 10% sales growth in the last 2 years Wipro is 4th place with their IT services like cognitive computing and robotics.

5. Redington India Ltd

Revenue: Approx 50,000 Cr
Market Value: 5000 Cr
Total Employees: Not Available

Redington is a IT Product Service and solution provider company that offerings include PC’s, laptops, tablets, notebooks, smart phones, desktop, printers etc.

6. Tech Mahindra

Revenue: Approx 40,000 Cr
Market Value: 70,000 Cr
Total Employees: 125,000+

From nowhere in the list to 7th position in the list,Tech Mahindra company has emerged as the one of the leading IT companies in India. Tech Mahindra is now active in 90+ countries with a work force of 125,000+.

7. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

Revenue: 12,000+ Cr
Market Value: 30,000+ Cr
Total Employees: 30,000+

L & T, known for Infrastructure, Construction business, is diving into the IT Industry. Today, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd is one of the leading OT companies with operations in 30+ countries and 500+ Clients.

8. Mphasis Ltd

Revenue: 10,000+ Cr
Market Value: 17,000 Cr
Total Employees: 21,000

With strong expertise in Banking & Financial services domain Mphasis Ltd is one of the leading IT companies growing strong day by day.

9. Mindtree Ltd

Revenue: 8000+ Cr
Market Value: 11,855 Cr
Total Employees: 21,000

Mindtree is one of the leading IT companies with IT services and consulting services operating in 15+ countries.

10. Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Revenue: 5000+ Cr
Market Value: 10,000+ Cr
Total Employees: 18,000

HTL – Hexaware Technologies Ltd is the fastest growing IT, BPO & Consulting services with 35+ global offices and 18,000 Employees.

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