Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in The World

It is delusional if only “Humans” are considered intelligent animals on planet earth. The truth is if we can create sonar technology to track an enemy submarine, Dolphins are born with it. Well, this article lets an individual know how many animals on earth are intelligent and unique in their way.

List of Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in The World

1. Dolphins 


No Wonder, Dolphins top the list as the most intelligent animals on earth. They are renowned for mimicking and learning new skills. These attractive species are extremely social animals. They can race, surf, spin, whistle, and also have a sophisticated language that humans have only begun to unravel. Female Dolphins remain with their younger ones for several years, teaching them all the tricks of the Dolphin trade. Have you ever tried to talk with this intelligent animal?

2. Chimpanzee 


This is the most apparent fact one could ever come across. Many of us have seen films where Chimpanzees are portrayed as one of the most intelligent animals on earth and it is true indeed. Chimpanzees are yet another species that are the most intelligent animals. They are adorable animals who can learn sign language to communicate with humans. The great ape has fascinated humans with its skills and intelligence. Chimpanzees can also recognize themselves in mirrors and show signs of caring and mourning. 

3. Ravens 


Ravens are the next extremely intelligent animals aka birds. They are known for their ability to abstract concepts and to plan better than human toddlers. In an experiment that was once carried out, these birds planned for up to 17 hours, choosing a key from a couple of objects that could be used to open a box with a favorite treat inside. The Ravens chose the key 90% of the time. This explains how smart these animals are. 

4. Pigs


The next most intelligent animal on planet earth is Pigs. Many believe that Pigs are lazy, and due to their appearance, they are considered dirty and not quite smart, well, never judge a book by its cover. The truth is, Pigs are highly intelligent animals and prefer to be active and stay clean. They are known to understand emotions, demonstrate empathy, solve mazes, learn simple symbolic languages and make friends with humans. 

5. Elephants 


Elephants are the most intelligent and enduring animals, they constantly outsmart people with their intelligence. Though they are considered to be fairly slow and not smart, in reality, they are extremely smart and sharp. They have incredible memory power. They are highly able to recall the specific routes to watering holes over stretches of terrain and they never forget a friend even after many years have passed. 

6. Squirrels 


It is said that Squirrels’ agility and intelligence give them an advantage over other predators and larger creatures. They are animals who outmaneuver human intelligence. They are extremely visual, alert, and known to have good long-term memory. Most Squirrels display an impressive array of tricks and strategies that help them survive, which researchers believe is an advanced level of intelligence. 

7. Pigeon 


Is it hard to believe? Well, Pigeons are also one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. They can identify themselves in a mirror, perform a sequence of movements, and can discriminate between two paintings, which is considered pretty impressive for a common bird. Pigeons are not just birds but brainy birds.

8. Rat 


We all are quite aware of how intelligent a rat is. Rats are considered highly intelligent animals. Did you know, in Chinese culture, a rat is well-regarded for its cunning and resourcefulness, and for most of the good reasons. Rats are highly known to find shortcuts, loopholes, and escape routes. They are known to understand and learn new concepts way too early. It is said that Rats not only have an abstract intelligence but also emotional intelligence.

9. Octopus 


Did you know that these smartest creatures in the sea are also considered one of the most intelligent animals? Octopuses have some impressive abilities such as navigating through mazes, they play and have respectable short-term. An octopus’s nervous system includes a central brain, three-fifths of the octopus’s nerves are distributed throughout its eight arms which serve as eight mini-brains. No wonder, it is a smart creature.

10. Orangutan


Orangutans is yet another animal that is highly intelligent and has an incredible system of communication. The intellectual capacity of the great apes is difficult to deny. Orangutans are smart creatures because they can weigh costs and benefits when exchanging goods similar to humans. Unfortunately, these creatures are critically endangered with between 55,000 and 65,000 left in the wild.

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