Top 10 Most Popular Gujarati Dishes


Hello foodies!!! Gujarati Cuisine ni one of the “oldest culinary treasures of India” ani pilustaru, alage it is most popular for vegetarian dishes. Avunandi Gujarati vantalaki oka special undi mana indian cooking dairies lo. Gujarati wide variety of vegetarian dishes ki, aa unique style of cooking ki, different kinds of pickles ki, chutneys and foods ki high nutritional values untai. Ee food lo real essence, creative use of vegetables and mild spices, gujarati dishes okka uniqueness ni cheptai. Aa coastal climate most hot and dry ga undatam valla sugar, tomatoes and lemon quite common ga use chestaru, body hydrated ga undadam kosam. Ante kadu Gujarati dishes lo most prominent dishes besan or gram flour, lentils, sesame seeds and yogurt. Mari aa special and popular dishes ento telusu kovalante ee article ni chudandi mari…


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Manandariki telisina ultimate Gujarati food idi. Spongy and soft dhoklas ni istapadani varu evaru untaru cheppandi. Most loved snack across india idi. Multiple ways lo chesukune ee dhokla quick and easy ga ayipotundi alage delicious ga untundi, chala healthy kuda. Dinni steam chestaru & in 30min lo chesukovachu kuda. Idi chala colorful ga chilli tempering tho unde ee recipe evening snack, tea tho serve cheste baguntundi.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Khandvi is also known as Patuli or Dahivadi. Idi much loved Snack in Gujarati, also popular in Maharashtrian cuisine. Chudadaniki rolls la unde colorful snack. Dinni preparation, coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves tho chestaaru. Idi tea tho serve cheste manchi delight ae.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Idi one the indian desserts, manam always last lo tesukovadaniki prefer chestam eppudina sare. Intha popular aina shrikhand gujarati cuisine nundi vachindi. Shrikhand mainly Gujarat and Maharashtra lo ekkuva prepare chesukuntaru. Matho ani kuda piliche ee shrikhand gujarati temples lo prasadam ga kuda serve chestaaru. Idi rich creamy flavour tho unde delicious recipe.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Most popular tea time fried & crispy snack idi. Dinni chutney or fried green chillies tho serve chestaru. Dinni stuffing lo, spices like ajwain(vammu), haldi and salt lantivi use chestaru. Quick and easy ga chesukune monsoon snack idi.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Tastiest crispy tea cake recipe from the gujarati cuisine. Inside soft ga, outside crispy ga untundi. Dinni, a healthy mix of bottle gourd along with an aromatic mix of buttermilk, rice flour, coriander, chillies & rice tho cook chestaru. Idi easy and quick ga around 30mins lo chesukune recipe.

6.Dal Dhokli

most popular Gujarati Dishes

Popular Guajarati recipe also made in Rajasthan. Dal Dhokli is comfort food also known as varan phal or chakolya in gujarat. Idi Gujarati cuisine lo puttina Marwar region of Rajasthan ekkuva ga chesukuntaru. Toor dal, garlic, peanuts and turmeric main ingredients indulo.

7.Bardoli Khichdi

most popular Gujarati Dishes

Idi Gujarati style delight, that one shouldn’t miss. Konchem spicy ga tangy ga untundi dini taste. Preparation, dal, spices, peas, potatoes and raw mangoes tho chestaaru. Ee dish ekkuva ga gujarati occasions lo kanipistundi manaki.

8.Gujarati Kadhi

most popular Gujarati Dishes

Dinni name lo ne undi flavour and type of cuisine. Kadhi, almost every gujarati household lo frequent ga lunch ki, dinner ki prepare chesukuntaru. Gujarati kadhi is a lovely curry with sweet taste. Summer lo ekkuva ga dinni chesukuntaru, endukante this cooling curry is a great way to escape the heat.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Name konchem kothaga ga undi kada. Idi wholesome Gujarati vegetable curry and very healthy one. Dinni brinjal, surti papdi(indian beans), potato, coconut, banana and methi tho prepare chestaaru. Traditional earthen pots lo serve cheyyadam dini special.


most popular Gujarati Dishes

Idi one of the most popular gujarati snack recipes with great combination of flavour and good health. Colocasia leaves(Kandagadda aakulu) tho cheysey ee recipe lo powerhouse nutrients like Iron, rich ga untundi. Ee leaves ki, smooth paste of besan with spicy, sweet and sour flavours kalipi, roll chesi, steam chestaru.

So ivvandi gujarati lo most popular ayina recipes. Inka chala unnai but always first lo unde dishes ive. Ivi anytime of year lo breakfast laga, snack laga even lunch lo kuda chesukuntaru. Kudarithe meeru kuda try cheyyandi.