Top 10 Trending Instagram Reel Songs in 2022

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms for world-class entertainment. Apart from being one of the biggest powerhouses, Instagram gives out innovative ideas to showcase talent. One such feature is Instagram Reels, and people nowadays are seen hopping on the new trend or challenges of Reels from time to time. One random user takes a random song from the past and adds it to the reel and this continues the thread and boom the song becomes famous and trends in no time. If you are unable to search for trending songs on Instagram, we help you find them. Check out the top 10 Trending Instagram Reel songs in 2022.

List of Top 10 Trending Instagram Reel Songs in 2022

1. Kesariya 

Kesariya from Brahmastra is the foremost trending song that is currently ruling the Instagram reels. The song Kesariyan has captivated the audience’s attention in no time. With Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt getting hitched recently and being starred in Brahmastra, people started to adore this couple even more and made the song Kesariyan a new trend on the Internet.

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2. Hotline Bling and Lalghagra 

Drake often manages to capture a vast audience with his catchy tunes and impress them with unique video concepts and one such song are Hotline Bling. Hotline Bling has been reigning the Instagram reels but added an Indian classic touch to it which made the Instagram users love it even more. 

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3. Head Shoulders Knees Toes and Goumi Goumi 

This is yet another song that has been taking over the Instagram reels. People capturing the essence of this song from all across the world is immense. The song Goumi Goumi is an Arabic Song sung by Lebanese singer Myriam Fares. Though the song was released in 2018, it became a trend after the singer started the #goumichallenge with a hook step the song. Have you taken up this challenge?

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4. A Beautiful View. Bittersweet Symphony The Verge 

This is one of those pieces of music that perfectly fits an astonishing view of your video. The same has been carried out by all Instagram users with this music. A beautiful view assorted with Bittersweet has been used for a plethora of beautiful views and users can’t agree more.

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5. I am not addicted to anything by Jujufromigia 

The fifth most trending track that is ruling the Instagram reels, 2022 is I am not addicted to anything by Jujufromigia. The track suggests that they are not addicted to anything but one thing that interests them and cannot get over it. People came up with unique ways to show their cute addiction. Well, What are cute addictions?

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6. Ola by Nilskusel.My love 

This is rather one of the top trending songs that are heard everywhere and doing rounds even on Youtube shorts. Ola is a song sung by Kate Linn from Romania. This song is highly misunderstood especially with a song by Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto whose original title is 1,2,3. Tik Tokers used the clip of Sofia Reyes Hola between the lyrics which are “Hola Coma Tale Tale Vu” which is Mexican.

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 7. Likeby Xo_axsthxxtcs Slowed (Katy Perry) 

The slowed version of Katy Perry singing ‘You and I’ – the ballad is currently the most popular and trending song on Instagram reels. Instagram users are coming up with unique ways to make a reel on this number. It certainly is one of the beautiful songs sung by Katy Perry to make a reel on.

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8. What it takes, mix by ianasher 

This mix of Rihanna and Edwardmaya music is an absolute number. Instagram Reels are filled with this song trend. Have you tried your version of What it takes, if not, now is your time?

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9. Jiggle Jiggle by Duke and Jones 

Jiggle Jiggle by Duke and Jone create autotune remixes to random audio clips and later they posted an auto-tuned version of the interview which quickly went viral on Instagram Reels and other social media platforms. Money won’t Jiggle Jiggle, Have you done this trend yet?

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10. DJ Wait a Minute 

Many of us have our version of lyrics for the songs and this is one such song. DJ Wait A Minute is yet another most popular and trending song on Instagram reels. Though the song by Willow Smith was released in 2015, it has won many hearts. The song DJ Wait a Minute streamed 35 million times on Spotify. 

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