Top 8 Electric Scooters in India To Buy

Technology has changed everything and it has paved the way for multi-functional devices/automobiles and so on making every small thing faster, portable, and higher-powered than before. Though technology has a couple of disadvantages, it has made many lives easier, interesting, faster, and fun indeed.

Keeping all these in mind, we have shortlisted some of the best electric scooters in India that are quite fun to ride with advanced technology features.

1. Ola S1 Pro 

The second-best Electric Scooter that holds a great range in the market is Ola S1 Pro. Being one of the popular electric scooters in India, this scooter is available in two versions – Regular and Pro. The pro is said to have a larger battery, and more power, along with unique features like cruise control and voice control. On top of these features, both the scooters are keyless and hence controlled by a proximity sensor and a key code. 

Ola S1 Pro 

Some of its prominent features include

Battery – Lithium-Ion

Charging Time – 6.30 hours

Tires – Tubeless

Range – 181 km per charge

Price – 1,24,999

2. Bajaj Chetak 

Bajaj Chetak tops the list as one of the best E-Scooter in India. Bajaj has relaunched its chetak brand in the form of an electric scooter. Bajaj Chetak was launched in 2019, and it is the brand’s entry into the competitive electric scooter market. But, this scooter has been launched only in Bangalore and Pune and however has been retailed through KTM dealerships. This electric scooter has been considered unique as it has a proper metal body in comparison with many electric scooters that get plastic body panels.

Bajaj Chetak 

Some of its prominent features include 

Fuel Type – Electric

Tyres – Tubeless

Battery – Lithium Ion

Range – 95 kms Per Charge

Price – 1,42,297

3. Ather 450X 

The third most trending trend in recent times in line e-scooters is Ather. It is yet another one of the best-looking electric scooters in the market in India. Ather 450X is based on the previous version of Ather 450 but with few updates such as new color options and software improvements. Its slim design is made to captivate the buyers. This new version also has a 7-touchscreen display for instrumentation with features like 4G connectivity, Bluetooth smartphone pairing, navigation, and many more.

Ather 450X 

Some of its prominent features include

Fuel Type – Electric

Tyres – Tubeless

Top Speed – 80 Kmph

Price – 1,40,280

4. Bounce Infinity E1

We generally prefer trying new and unique things, and when it comes to automobiles, no one can stop us from buying and experiencing new bikes, scooters, and cars. Scooters with technology have become the latest trend. Bounce Infinity is one such e-scooter with the most unique features. The company has designed this e-scooter from scratch to support battery swapping technology making it possible for the users to simply go to a battery swapping station and add a full range within minutes. 

Bounce Infinity E1

Some of its prominent features include

Top Speed – 65 Kmph

Fuel Type – Electric

Battery Charging Time – 4 hrs

Price – 53,911

5.TVS iQube 

The TVS IQube is TVS ‘ entry into the electric scooter market. Designed with futuristic features, this scooter gets a full-color TFT display for instrumentation duties. It also has features like LED headlamps, USB charging port, navigation assist, geofencing, Bluetooth smartphone pairing, etc.

TVS iQube 

Some of its prominent features include

Tyres – Tubeless

Charging Time – 6 hrs

Battery – Lithium Ion

Range – 75 kilometers per charge

Price – 1,00,752

6. Okinawa iPraise 

This is yet another high-end electric scooter with awesome features. The Okinawa iPraise is one of the most advanced scooters in the Indian market. It is considered an intelligent scooter with a plethora of high-tech features such as its brilliant design complete with attractive color options and intriguing graphics. This e-scooter connects to a smartphone via an app and it also has additional features such as immobilization, tracking, monitoring, geofencing, etc. 

Okinawa iPraise 

Some of its prominent features include

Battery – Lithium ion

Charging Time – 4-5 hours

Tyres – Tubeless

Price – 1,07,200

7. Hero Electric Photon 

Hero Electric photon has been considered an easy-riding electric scooter and it is the flagship offering from Hero Electric and comes with decent equipment levels and features. This electric scooter comes with features such as front telescopic suspensions, anti-theft alarm, float-cum boost charger, aerodynamics style, economy, and power mode. It is listed as one of the best electric scooters in India at an affordable price with advanced features.

Hero Electric Photon 

Some of its prominent features include

Battery – Advanced Lithium Ion

Charging Time – 5 Hours

Fuel – Electric

Price – 80,879

8. Okinawa Ridge + 

It is yet another best electric scooter in India. This e-scooter has major advanced features and is designed to give the riders the most comfortable riding experience. Comes only in one color and variation, Okinawa Ridge+ has both front and rear drum brakes and an electronically assisted braking system. It also comes with a USB charging port.

Okinawa Ridge + Some of its prominent features include

Battery Charging Time – 2-3 hrs

Tyres – Tubeless

Battery – Lithium-Ion

Range – 84 Kilometers Per Charge

Price – 75,083

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