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Food is essential for our survival, the food we eat determines our health, so it is very important that we eat healthy food so that our body can function properly, there’s a popular saying that you are what you eat, and we believe in this saying, if you eat healthily, then your body will be in good health and you won’t face any problems.

one of the best ways to ensure this is by eating organic food, Organic food is food produced without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Organic foods typically are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives. Because of this, organic food is considered safe, natural and wholesome.

Though organic food is good for you, it is important that you know which brand to pick, with several options in the market, it can get quite difficult, which is why we have made a list of some of the top organic food brands in India.

Here are Top Organic Food Brands In India

Organic India

Top Organic Food Brands In IndiaOrganic India is one of the top organic brands in India, based in Lucknow, they provide herbal, and Ayurveda food products, they work with thousands of small family farmers in India to produce organic food products, the farmers they deal with are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practice the great thing about Organic India, is that they sell healthy and natural food items right from the agricultural land, this ensures that the food is of premium quality, and no pesticides are added to the food, they provide organic food all over the country, and internationally too. They use advanced processing methods that ensure that the herbs retain their maximum level of potency for the highest quality, and are most effective.

Plum Organics

Organic Food Brands In IndiaPlum Organics is a global brand, which aims on delivering organic food to your babies, they believe that your little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite, the first 1000 days of a child’s life is very important, it is crucial that the child receives proper nutrients, which allows him to grow to his full capability, they also believe in sustainability, which is why their Plum’s pouch caps are made from recyclable plastic, so that even the mother nature is being taken care of.

Organic Tattwa

Organic Food Brands In IndiaOrganic Tattva is one of the leading organic food brands in India, their mission is to help people live a better, healthier, and wholesome life, but also preserving nature. They are also trying to spread awareness, to make people aware of the benefits of organic food, they are also making an effort towards a sustainable agroecosystem that ensures soil & water conservation and reduced pollution. Organic Tattva believes that when we take care of the earth, it takes care of us too.

Just Organics

Organic Food Brands In IndiaJust Organics main aim was to make organic food easily available in the market, and they have delivered on the promise, the founders Manju& Rajeev Pillai struggled to buy organic food, so they set up this initiative, They mainly sell fresh organic fruits and vegetables with 100% purity and no chemical compounds involved in it Just Organic offers a variety of options to the consumers, from well-known national brands to local brands. By having chemical and pesticide-free food and adopting a lifestyle that favors the environment you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

24 Mantra

Organic Food Brands In IndiaFor over 10 years, 24 Mantra has provided organic food to Indians, they are one of the top organic food brands in India, they believe that organic food can help create a sustainable livelihood for farmers, a sustainable lifestyle for consumers and a sustainable earth, they believe in the policy ‘seed to kitchen’ to reduce the chemicals and pesticides, keep the air and water clean and of keeping the soil alive, this also ensures that you are getting the food unaltered, straight to your kitchen, 100% natural. Crops are grown the natural way, pests, weeds and more are attended to with natural homegrown solutions.

Vision Fresh

Organic Food Brands In IndiaVision Fresh is an online website, where you can buy organic food products; they have a wide range of products available at their online organic grocery store. Their services are fast and affordable, apart from this, they are a certified organic company, which means that you can trust them. You can buy products from here, all over India, they provide free home delivery and have an easy return policy.

Conscious Food

Organic Food Brands In IndiaOne of the oldest and most respected brands, Conscious Food has been a pioneer of the Indian organic and natural food world since 1990, they offer a range of natural and organic products including cereals, flours and grains, natural sugars, seeds, and nuts. They are also constantly looking out for new ingredients to make the organic food more varied, satisfying and enjoyable. They only supply responsibly grown produce, which follows sustainable practices and are 100% chemical-free, They provide organic food all over the country, and offer free shipping if you are living in Mumbai.

Down to Earth

Organic Food Brands In IndiaDown to Earth is an organic food brand, they are the brainchild of Morarka Organic. An enterprise that has over 12 years of experience in organic food research and development and is one of the most trusted brands globally. ‘Down To Earth’ aims on providing fresh and organic food to all its consumers, they sell organic food, both online and in stores, they have a huge variety of products from herbs to edible oils and ghee, which are healthy substitutes for all your food requirements. They provide free home delivery all over India for products over 500 Rs.

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