A To Kalpana: 10 Best And Top Rated Movies Of Upendra

A To Kalpana: 10 Best And Top Rated Movies Of Upendra

Kannada superstar Upendra’s Kabzaa movie got released and it is doing good at the box office. Upendra the name that doesn’t need any introduction He is known for out-of-the-box movies, stories, direction, and acting is back with Kabzaa movie. Upendra is known for Kannada movies and he is popular in all South languages like Telugu, and Tamil as well. His movies always get good attention in Tamil and Telugu states along with Kannada Industry.

As our favorite hero’s movie Kabzaa is here, let’s take a look at Upendra’s best work, the best movies of Upendra and their rating on IMDb in this article.

10. Aishwarya – IMDb Rating 5.3/10

Aishwarya movie is a remake of the Telugu movie Manmadhudu. In this movie, Upendra played a character who hates women and hates the marriage system. This rom-com received well at the box office and this movie is the debut movie for star heroine Deepika Padukone.

9. Kalpana – IMDb Rating 6/10

Kalpana movie is a remake of Raghava Lawrence Kanchana’s movie which is a big hit in Tamil & Telugu. Uppi remade this as Kalpana in Kannada and it went on to become a hit and he got an appreciation for playing a transgender role.

8. Topiwala – IMDb Rating 5.3/10

Topiwala is a political satire movie revolving around the story of Black Money, where Upendra tries to bring black money from a swiss bank to India and use it to improve India’s economy.

7. Budhivanta – IMDb Rating 7.2/10

Buddhivantha is a remake of the Tamil film Naan Avanillai. A number of women approach the court claiming that Panchamrutha (played by Uppi) in various disguises, cheated them. However, he vehemently rejects their accusations, claiming that he is simply a lookalike.

6. Mukunda Murari – IMDb Rating 7.3/10

Mukunda Murari is another remake movie done by Upendra. Mukunda Murari is a remake of Hindi movie Oh My God. Sudeep played a cameo in this movie as Lord Krishna and it became a hit in Kannada.

5. Uppi 2 – IMDb Rating 7.8/10

Uppi is a sequel to Upendra movie directed and acted by Upendra himself. Uppi 2 is a psychological thriller revolving around the story of Neenu (meaning I Am) who leads a selfless life helping others in need without expecting anything in return. In the meantime, the police and an underworld don are on the lookout for him over a multi-crore property.

4. Raktha Kanneeru – IMDb Rating 8.1/10

Raktha Kanneeru is a story of a young Indian man who becomes westernized and starts hating Indian rituals and culture. Upnedra falls in love with a sex worker played by Ramya Krishna but marries a girl from his village to fulfill his parents’ wish.

3. Super – – IMDb Rating 8.1/10

The different movie, story, screenplay and direction from Upendra after 10 years gap. Super movie directed by Upendra revolves around Subash, an NRI who is challenged by his fiancé who is completely modern in outlook to change India.

2. Upendra – IMDb Rating 8.8/10

The cult movie in the history of Indian Cinema. Upendra movie is the story of Naanu, who always speaks the truth, and is married to Swathi. However, he is soon pursued by Rathi and is forced to accept her love but finds it difficult to let go of his obsession with Keerthi.

1. A – IMDb Rating 8.8/10

The unusual story, storytelling, screenplay to direction, everything is different compared to mainstream Indian Cinema. The A movie is a story of a guy who fell in love with an actress explained with abrupt flashbacks and a reverse screenplay.

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