7 Best trekking places around hyderabad for those adventurous freaks out there


There are people whose adrenaline levels rise to such a level for anything adventurous. Ilanti vaallaki trekking cheyyadam is very exciting. For those who haven’t tried it, definitely cheyyandi. It will be one of the nicest experiences you will ever have.

Here are a few places in and around Hyderabad where you can get all the fun in trekking.

1. Devarakonda – Nallamalla hills1trekking-places
2. Kondamadugu – Trekking in tiger hills2trekking-places
3. Ananthagiri Hills3trekking-places
4. Mallela Theertham – Trek around the forest.trekking-places
5. Horsley Hills4trekking-places
6. Nagarjunkonda Hills5trekking-places
7. Keesargutta6trekking-places