Tri colour recipes for Independence Day


Mana andhariki Independence Day anaganey moring flag hoisting, tv lo chupinchey Independence Day parade guruthu osthai. Kani chinna pilalu ki Independence Day antey enti, Indian tri colour flag importance enti, flag lo yenni colours unntai ?? eevani explain cheyali antey chana kashtam. Pilalu ki simple ga Indian tri colours inka Indian flag gurunchi chepali antey food is the best option. Food lo indian flag kanipinchelaga emi cheyali ani anukuntunara ? Aythey ee article chusi mee kids ki simple delicious tri colour recipes try cheyandi.
Tri colour cocktail idlis: Simple idly batter lo natural colours add cheyalitri colourSaffron colour : Grate chesina carrots / carrot juice add cheyali.
White colour : Plain idly batter.
Green colour : Boil inka paste chesina palakura.
Tri colour sandwich : Tri colour chala simple, tri colour ki two chutneys/ sauces untey chalutri colourSaffron colour : Sweet and chilli sauce spread
White colour : White bread
Green colour : Pudina chutney
Tri colour pasta : Tri colour pasta three different flavours tho cheskoni plate chesthey tricolour pasta ready.tri colourSaffron colour : Red sauce pasta
White colour : White cream sauce pasta
Green colour: Pesto pasta
Tri colour pulao : 3 different flavour rice ni okey degara peti serve chesthey tri colour pulao ready.4 Tri colour recipes for Republic DaySaffron colour : Spicy tomato rice
white colour : Ghee jeera rice
Green colour: Pudina rice
Tri colour paneer tikka : Three different paneer marination ni okey degara grill chesthey tri colour paneer tikka ready.5 Tri colour recipes for Republic DaySaffron colour : Spicy tandori paneer tikka
White colour : Malai paneer tikka
Green colour: Pudina paneer tikka