8 Times TV Channels Cooked Up Stories Between Male & Female Anchors Just For TRP & Made Audience Bakras

Television shows and programmes last 10 years lpo change ayyayi. Inthaka mundhu shows chala decent ga and family tho kalisi chusela undevi. Kani ippudu ostunna shows anni oka simple TRP formula follow avtunnayi…adi entante oka male & female anchors madhya affair petti, love tracks, songs, dance lu, double meaning dialogue lu, love proposals andlast ki oka pelli episode.

Anthe cut chesthe Tv lo record TRP and Youtube lo millions views, channels and show makers ki dabble dabbulu. Idi antha TRP stunt ani telisina mana audience ee shwo chustunnaru ante mana audience ni ala tune chesaru mari…

Oo sari ila oka male & female anchors madhya affairs petti trp tecchina couples lo evaru unnaro chusthe…

1. Sudheer & Rashmi

Sudheer & Rashmi

2. Ravi & Lasya

Ravi & Lasya

3. Hyper Aadhi – Anasuya

Hyper Aadhi - Anasuya

4. Ravi & Sree Mukhi

Ravi & Sree Mukhi

5. Sudheer & Vishnu Priya

Sudheer & Vishnu Priya

6. Sudheer & Varshini

Sudheer & Varshini

7. Hyper Aadhi & Rithu Chowdary

Hyper Aadhi & Rithu Chowdary

8. Emmanuel & Varsha

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