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Types of students you find in every college


1. Nene AmbaniThis type people amma…super rich untaru. Rich unte chaladu. It is about trying to let people know vaalu entha rich ani. Costly car lo ostharu, high branded battali estharu inka ennoooo

2. Love PakshuluVeellu, you know, are at college love cheyyaniki. I mean college lo unnantha time lover tho untaru. Intiki vellinaka phone is always busy re! how amma how?? Bore kottada

3. Photo PicholluHere are two categories
a. Photolu teese vaallu
b. Photolu dige vaallu
Correct no??

4. Saraswati devatha and devulluLife is study. Study is life. If no study, no life. Ee policy follow aitharu. Lunch lo, bus lo, seminars lo, playground lo, ekkada una kuda they keep studying!

5. Cool BabusVeellu chill untaru brother! Exams una lekpoina, class lo una bayata una, ekada una kuda show cheyyakunda cool ga untaru

6. Mandu babulam memu mandu babulamShort and sweet ga idi matter. “hum khaana nahi batuk sakta.. lekin mandu nahi sakta batuk nahi”.

7. Come on Gusa gusaLife lo these people have just one goal. “Gossip”. Daniki main reason is to gain attention.

8. Soundarya lahariIndulo also 2 categories
a. People who are actually beautiful
b. People who think are beautiful!
Differences meeke telsu

9. Fighting CharliesNo matter fight ekada, epudu, evaritho, these people are the first to go and kick and get kicked!

10. Extra ciricullar activities ki kingsThey are there in evey field and every club in the college. Veella gurinchi teliyani person eh ledu!

11. WantedThese are those people who despite not attending classes or lectures are the ones we think of during examinations to get the subject explained.

12. S/O SollumurthyAsalu sollu ela kodtharu ante.. ‘Burj Khalifa’ vaalla summer house ani kuda cheppaniki ready untaru.

13. ‘Nidra’simhareddy“Nidre kadi ani chulakana chesthe..peeka kostha”. These people ki apt.

14. Influence is my surnameCollege lo em pani una, elanti vaallatho pani una, call Sivamani.

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