Unique Records Of Prabhas That Prove He’s Not Just Pan India Star, But The King Of Indian Cinema

Records records antaru… Kani okkadu matram records lu gurinchi emi matladadu, kani reality lo matram records gurinchi noru kuda theravani hero peru meedhe anni records raasibadi unnayi.

Evari gurinchi matladthunnano special ga cheppabaledhu gaa… The one and only Prabhas. He is the conqueror of every record out there. Ippude ila unte inka future lo raaboye line up chustunte inkenni records set chestado anipistundi. Darling happy birthday and nuvve kummey anthe, we are with you and we always love you

Unique Records Of Prabhas, That Prove He Is Indeed The King Of Indian Cinema

1. 1st South Indian Actor to be featured at Madame Tussauds

1.Unique Records Of Prabhas

2. 1st Indian Actor to get birthday wishes from Wikipedia

2.Unique Records Of Prabhas

3. 1st Telugu actor to get EMOJI for his movie

3.Unique Records Of Prabhas

4. 1st Indian Actor to get appreciated from the Kenya government

4.Unique Records Of Prabhas

5. 1st Indian Actor to back three back to back Rs.350 crores gross films worldwide

5.Unique Records Of Prabhas

6. 1st non-English actor at Royal Albert Hall

6.Unique Records Of Prabhas

7. 1st Indian actor to collect Rs. 100 cr on Day 1

7.Unique Records Of Prabhas

8. 1st Telugu hero to collect over Rs. 43 cr share in Nizam

9.Unique Records Of Prabhas

9. 1st Telugu hero to collect over Rs. 70 cr share in Andhra states

10.Unique Records Of Prabhas

10. 1st Telugu hero to collect Rs. 80 cr gross in Karnataka

11.Unique Records Of Prabhas

11. 1st Telugu hero to collect Rs. 75 cr gross in Tamil Nadu

12.Unique Records Of Prabhas

12. 1st Indian hero to collect $8M in North America

13.Unique Records Of Prabhas

13. 1st Tollywood hero to collect $10M in the overseas market

14.Unique Records Of Prabhas

14. 1st Indian hero to collect Rs. 500 cr gross in India

15.Unique Records Of Prabhas

15. 1st South indian hero to collect + Rs. 120 cr in Bollywood

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