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9 Unique & Weird Guinness World Records That Belong To Indians


World Guinness Records ante teliyani vallu undaru. Worldwide ga Guinness Records vallu kondaru chese unique feats and things ni appreciate chesthu icche ee records chala pedda history and importance undi. Andhuke janalu some rare and unique ft chesthu Guinness Records vallani impress chesi record holder aipotuntaru.

Kani mana Indians Guinness Records lo some unique and weird records set chesinavi meeku telusa ? telisthe andulo enni telusu ? anedi oo sari chusthe identi ivi reocrds ah ? ila kuda records set cheyoccha aithe nenu record holder aipotha antaru.

1.World’s Largest Number of Selfies Taken Together

Kochi lo unna Federal Institute of Science and Technology staff and students 1 minute lo 1000 selfies click chesi World’s Largest Number of Selfies Taken Together record ni set chesaru.

2.World’s shortest Woman

Jyoti Amge, a 23-year-old is considered to be the shortest teenager alive and it was confirmed when she was measured to be just under 62 centimeters (2 feet) height.

3.World’s Most Expensive Wedding

Steel Tycoon Jindal Mittal daughter Vanisha Mittal daughter’s wedding cost approx $60 Million USD which is 4,46,92,68,000.00 INR.

4.World’s Biggest Chapathi

Shree Jalaram Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee organization which is at Jalaram temple Jamnagar made the world’s largest chapati weighing around 63.99 kgs.

5.World’s Longest Moustache

With 18 feet long moustache Ram Singh Chauhan was set to have the longest moustache in the world when it was recorded in a reality show in 2010. He hasn’t cut his moustache in 32 years..

6.Most EarthWorms Eaten per Minute

John Peter, whose diet comprises earthworms ,dragonflies, dal for dinner and a midday snack of 10 or 20 lizards. He has the distinction of eating the most earthworms in a minute.

7.World’s Fastest Typing using Nose

Davinder Singh (India) broke the record for the Fastest time to type using the nose. He broke the Guinness World Record for typing a 130 character phrase with his nose in 40.19 Secs.

8.Longest Solo Marathon

Classical Dancer Kalamandalam Hemaletha danced from 20-26th September in 2010 in the state of Kerala. She danced for a total of 123 hours and 15 minutes non-stop and made her way into the history books.

9.Most hugs given in an hour

Jayasimha Ravirala engineering graduate from Tekkali Andhra Pradesh gave 2436 hugs in an hour who made this attempt in Sep 2012.

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