Butta Bhojanam Or Unlimited Meals, Subbayyagari Hotel Is A Must-Visit!

If you frequent Kakinada or live in Kakinada, Subbayya Gari Hotel needs no introduction. And, when it opened its first outlet in Hyderabad people went all crazy. And why not? It has been serving great food to the locals of Kakinada for over 60 years. The quality of the food is so good, that it now operates in 3 outlets in Hyderabad.

Butta Bhojanam At Subbayya Gaari HotelIf Andhra food is what you love, then Subbayya is a paradise for you. It was started in the year 1955 by Gunupudi Subbayyagaaru. And, what has been consistent since then, is that the quality of the food hasn’t changed or reduced. Their menu has single meals and double meals priced at INR 110 and INR 210 respectively. And if you are taking away or ordering in, you will get their iconic Butta Bhojanam or Bhojanam in a basket. With over 15 varieties of curries, sweets, pacchhadis, and podis, Subbayya surely has something for everyone. Also, do you love Punugulu? Because if you do so, then their Punugulu curry is something to die for. So do not miss that.

Butta Bhojanam At Subbayya Gaari HotelWhat also is great about this place is that they have some amazing breakfast options. Their Ghee Upma, Pesarattu Upma, Paneer dosa are their best-sellers. And, how tasty are those chutneys and podis that they serve along? If you are looking for some extravagant breakfast, then go for their combo pack, which contains Idly, Poori, Vada, Upma, Dosa, Set Dosa and a sweet. You get all this for just INR 130. A steal if you ask us.

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