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Valentine’s Day Gifts? Wirally to the Rescue!


Possible thoughts in everyone’s head on Valentine’s Day:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Valentine’s is around the corner,

And I don’t know what gift to get you?”

[Singles please turn away. Following content may make you gag].

Valentine’s Day, the only time of the year when you can surely say, “love is in the air”… and so are the hormones… and the PDA (Public Display of Affection). Also, it is one of those horribly anxious times of the year where you have no clue about what to buy for your significant other. So, we folks, here at Wirally, decided to make your life easier by suggesting you a few items, that are simple, yet loving and memorable enough to be considered as gifts. And no, those items don’t include a box of assorted chocolates, we are different. So below are a few gifts you can gift your man or your lady.

For Him:

  • 1. A Crate of Food

A Crate of Food-Valentine's day

Now, this is something different and unique. Your man surely would not be able to handle a gift which is all girly and extremely lovey – dovey, (come on, give his testosterone some credit and gift him something he will definitely like. Besides, who doesn’t like food?). So what you can do is, buy a crate / box, line it up with some colorful, crafty, bits and pieces of crepe paper, just to make the bottom softer, and after that place all the sweet and savory edibles that he likes. The edibles can include, a cupcake (well frosted, of course), Nutella & Go, caramel popcorn, mini hotdog wraps and beer. Et voila, you have a gift basket that guarantees you enough affection for the entire day or week or month. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. *wink wink*

  • 2. Body Wash

Oh, no no no, we aren’t talking about the regular Axe or Park Avenue type of body wash. It is Valentine’s Day, you need to go out of your way to make it special. Every guy loves smelling good (insider secret), so why not get him a body wash (or a casket of them)? Check out The Body Shop, Lush, or Bath and Body Works. These stores have strong scented body washes made especially for men. Pick out the ones you love (and he would like to use). Get him smelling like a knight!

  • 3. Cologne

He will love this one. How do we know? That’s because, you will pick out a perfume that you would not be able to resist and this way, every time he applies it, you would not be able to stop yourself from getting close and getting a whiff of it.

  • 4. Memory Box

If your man is the hopeless romantic type, this one will definitely do the trick. Why not decorate a box (you can buy a decorated one, but handmade has an entirely different affect on men), and fill it up with memories from the previous year? Maybe write a small note with each of them. The box can include stuff like, your first photo together, the tickets you won at the arcade, a bowling score card, almost anything. He’d definitely go through this every now and then.

  • 5. Gamer? Video Games, Thumb Stick / Analog Stick Toppers

Oh, how much would your man love you, if you gift him something related to video games! Get him a newly released video game, or a game that he had been wanting since a long time, and if you don’t know which game to gift, you can definitely get him personalized toppers for his thumb stick / analog stick (for the girls who don’t know what thumb stick / analog stick is, it is the long, wriggly things on his controller, which moves in circles). He will have a swag – filled controller to show off to all his friends then!

For Her:

  • 1. Playlist

Always remember boys, music has a MAJOR effect on the mind and heart of a girl. it is something that would make her feel the way you want her to. Why not make her a playlist filled with songs that you both love, your favorite songs and a few love songs? Pick out a cute looking pen drive, there are plenty available in market, and store it with songs and you can ensure hours of entertainment and flashbacks for her.

  • 2. Make – Up Bag

Every girl loves make – up. And even if she is not a make – up addict, she still would have a few things that she would like to use on an almost daily basis. Taking care of her needs would mean a lot to her. Why not get her a new make – up bag to store her stuff? Now, every time she is sees the bag, she would think about you and you would be the reason why she has an ear to ear smile on her face.

  • 3. Pillow

Wouldn’t you like to remind her of you, Every. Single. Night? If you want to be the last thought that runs through her head before she falls asleep, then gift her a pillow. There are a lot of different love – themed pillows out there. Select the one that will not look too awkward and at the same time, it will look totally adorable.

  • 4. Candles

We are NOT talking about the regular candles. Get her a box full of sweet, scented candles to glam up her vanity, bedroom or even her washroom (when she’s off to take a relaxing bath that is). Raspberry, cherry, green apple, lavender and vanilla. These scents seem to take over any girl’s senses.

  • 5. Personalized Tee

A girl loves tees, so why not personalize one for her. She’d love wearing it everywhere. Trust me.

Happy V – Day Folks!!

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