Valuable Lessons Of Friendship That Tollywood Taught Us

Mana Telugu lo friendship meda base ayina movies and songs chalane unai, but andulo konne matrame message ni proper ga convey chesayi. So, today we are going to present the valuable lessons that Tollywood taught us about friendship.

1.Happy Days

friendship that TollywoodEntha pedda huge fight aina, enni sarlu vidipoyina, true friends will always get back together.

2.Snehamante Idera

friendship that Tollywood
Elanti situation lo aina mana true friends epatiki manalni vadili velaru. Mana life adventures lo they will definitely be there.

3.Yevade Subrahmanyam, Gamyam

friendship that Tollywood
Konni sarlu anukokunda kalisina friends mana jeevitanne marchestaru in a best way and manamente manaki telisela chestaru.

4.Oh My Friend

friendship that Tollywood
Oka ammayi and abbayi, chala goppa friends avocchu, if they understand the thin line between friendship and love.


friendship that Tollywood
True friends epudu manalni vadili pettaru and konni situations, they give importance to friends than family.

6.Arjun Reddy

friendship that Tollywood
Manam correct chesinapudu encourage cheyadame kaadu, tappu chesinapudu correct chese right kuda oka true friend ki untundi. Manam wrong route lo veltuna, valani entha hurt chesina, vallu epatiki manathone untaru.


friendship that Tollywood
Friendship ki caste, region and religion tho sambandam undadu. True friends will always stay together.

8.Arya 2

friendship that Tollywood
Okkokasari true friend ah love ane situation vastey, nijamaina snehithudu epudu a friendship ke value istadu.


friendship that Tollywood
School and college friends will come into your life for a reason and ne meda chala influence chuspistaru. If you are low, they will make you feel strong.

10.Nava Vasantham

friendship that Tollywood
Oka friend kosam tana life ni kuda sacrifice chesi and tanu life lo success avadaniki help chese friends kuda untaru.

11. Pellichoopulu

friendship that Tollywood

Mana friend success avvadaniki edaina initiate chesthunnadu antey, encourage cheyakapoina parvaledu just friend ni support chestey chalu ani cheppina movie.

12. Vunnadi Okatey Zindagi

friendship that Tollywood

Trend marina Friend maradu ane realistic thing neat ga movie lo explain chesaru. Love, career, etc things enni vacchina friendship aney bonding matram forever concept ani chepparu movielo.

13. Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

friendship that Tollywood

Tharun Bhascker again taught us friendship goals, simple buddy things, with four lead characters in the film.

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