‘VANISHED STARS’ of Telugu Cinema

If someone is performing real stunts on screen, he is named ‘Real Star’. When one is Energetic all through the movie, ‘Energetic Star’. When one has a larger-than-life screen presence, he is ‘Mega Star’, and when one is beyond all that, he’s a ‘Super Star’. All good, cool!

What happens when one appears and suddenly disappears? Yes, Vanished Stars!

When you are a film star, your role in the real world is never ending. If people don’t see you, they just don’t see you! You are gone. If you exit or retire, it should be done in style like Shoban Babu or ANR. But, not everyone can be same.

Take a look at those unforgotten but Vanished Stars.



One of the finest actors who has a great diction as his asset was a heart throb of many a decade ago with Nuvvekavali, Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu, Nuvve Nuvve etc, suddenly disappeared into thin air. He did appear with Srikanth last year in Veta but the film failed to attract anybody’s attention.



Another good looking actor introduced by Teja whose boxing was telecasted live in Pakistan in the movie Jai, Navdeep got further eyeballs with Gowtham SSC and Chandamama. He somehow isn’t managing to stay active baring one or two movies that he does, that too when he feels like it.



He tasted success with his debut Swayamvaram and continued it with Chirunavvutho, Pellam Oorelthe and many more. He suddenly switched himself off screen.



This actor made his presence felt by picking up alternative, small films like Anand, Vennala, and Mr. Medhavi. But, he too went offline just like that.



The present generation wouldn’t know him much, but Rohit Reddy was famous for his teenage oriented movies like 6 Teens, Girlfriend etc. and had a huge female following. It was the time when small budget movies just started in Telugu Cinema. But gradually he too vanished after a while.



His claim to fame was Arya. He did try his hand in few movies after that. A decent actor who showed his skill in Shambho Siva Shambho, but slipped away post that.

These are some of the stars who saw the heady highs of fame, but vanished without a trace. The film industry is kind and accommodating, and yet, it’s cruel at the same time!

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