8 Variety & Funny Jobs Which Will Make You Say ‘Deyy Ivvi Em Job Lu Ra’

Basic ga yekkuvasepu nidrapothe intlo tidatharu kani nidra povadam dwara manam dabbulu sampadiste intlo vallu shock aipoyyi shake aipotharu. Aina nidrapothe dabbulu yela vasthai antara? Ade Professional Sleeper ane job lo unde magic. Ilane around the world variety jobs unnayi. Basic ga mana interests ki tagga jobs ee world lo chala unnayi, manam cheyyalsindilla kastha opika petti manaki interest ki tagga jobs kosam google cheyyadame. So we present you 8 Variety & Funny Jobs around the world

1) Professional Sleeper

1Chakkaga bed meeda padukoni aa bed meedha reviews ivvadam and aa room conditions lo sleep yela vastundo ani review cheppadame veela pani. Inka sleep gurinchi scientists chese experiments ki kuda ee professional sleepers help avutaru.

How to get this job:To score a job as a bed tester, your best bet is by checking out luxury bed companies.

2) Netflix Tagger

2Yem ledu abba… Manam Netflix lo content ni chusi we are required to categorize them according to themes, tag the character to their traits and flag any shows for caution and controversy. Basic ga Netflix algorithm users ki chese recommendations ki help chese pani anamaata

How to get this job: By applying directly to Netflix. Usually, there are no specific requirements.

3) Water Slide Tester

3Em lee aa water slides meeda jaaradame ee pani. Ee pani lo manam cheyyalsindi alla slides ni test cheyyadam and we have to review factors like adrenaline rush and biggest splash. And ee job lo different countries ki tirige opportunities masth untaayi

How to get this job: You must possess strong written and verbal skills, be experienced in social media and willing to travel to overseas. Do keep a lookout for vacancies on water theme park websites!

4) Private Island Caretaker

4Island ni maname jagrathga chusukovali anamaata… Ee job ki we should be highly communicative in writing to promote the island and we should weekly report back to headquarters

5) Video Game Player

524/7 just market loki release avva boyye mundhu aa video game ni aadatame ee pani.

6) Crossword Puzzle Writer

6 1Design your own mind-blowing crossword on newspaper and lead the readers to a maze of words.

7) Toy Designer

7 (1)Chinnapillalki toys design cheyyadame ee work

8) Food Critic

8 (1)Free ga food tini aa food pai mana opinion cheppadame ee pani pedda pedda restaurant laki ee food critic chala avasaram

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