Venkatesh in some amazing roles for his movies


There are stars who win our respects and love for a simple reason that they can take up movies according to their age and caliber. They have once ruled the industry with their heroic films and now are continuing to do amazing work in a similar but not same heroic fashion. Venkatesh is one such actor. Guru ki tickets book chesukokapothe, clear your schedule and plan cheskondi.

Here are some movies that make him the best until now and forever.

1. Guru – a boxing coach Venkatesh

2. SVSC – the mature but immature older brotherVenkatesh

3. Gopala Gopala – the ironical AtheistVenkatesh

4. Drushyam – the illiterate but intelligent fatherVenkatesh

5. Gharshana – the cool but ambitious copVenkatesh

6. Subhash Chandra Bose – a freedom fighterVenkatesh

7. Gemini – a good-turned – bad goon!Venkatesh

8. Vasu – a carefree and talented artistVenkatesh

9. Jayam Manadera – played 2 roles of 2 different generationsVenkatesh

10. Raja – the innocentest theifVenkatesh

11. Chanti – the ungrown manVenkatesh

12. Swarna Kamalam – the art and humanity loverVenkatesh

These are just the few ‘animuthyaly’. Comment and share with us the movie you love.