Virat Kohli’s Stats In 3 Formats Since 2019 WC Show Why He Is Still The G.O.A.T

Virat Kohli form lo ledu, Kohli is in career worst form, not one century, he’s struggling, he need to focus on game rather than sledging, it’s time to retire….idi Virat Kohli meeda professional cricket ade players nundi gully cricket ante entio kuda teliyani vallu chesina, chestunna comments.

Yes, Virat Kohli form lo ledu, Century kottadam ledu, he’s a choker, he need to retire from ODI & T20 format, it’s time to take rest. Sare meeru anatte cheddam… kani Virat Form lo ledu he’s continuing his poor form ane statements icche mundu okkasari 2019 World Cup taruvatha Virat Kohli chesina batting stats, numbers compared to other Indian Batsman and International cricketers okasari chusi appudu comment cheyagalarani manavi….

Top 5- Most runs for India since 2019 World Cup

1. 3564 runs – Virat Kohli

2. 3318 runs – Rohit Sharma

3. 2593 runs – Rishabh Pant

4. 2524 runs – KL Rahul

5. 2124 runs – Shreyas Iyer

Most Runs In all 3 formats since 2019 world Cup

1. Babar azam (PAK)

Innings 90

Runs 4474

Avg: 55.23

110’s/50’s: 14/31

2. Joe Root (ENG)

Innings: 89

Runs: 4124

Avg: 50.91

100’s & 50’s: 12/16

3. Virat Kohli (IND)

Innings: 96

Runs: 3564

Avg: 41.92

100’s & 50’s: 4/28

4. Rohit Sharma (IND)

Innings: 81

Runs: 3318

Avg: 43.09

100’s/50’s: 7/17

5. Steve Smith (AUS)

Innings: 68

Runs: 3108

Avg: 50.95

100’s & 50’s: 8/17

So, adi situation okka century ledu anthe oka century tappisthe Virat Kohli ki migatha players ki unna theda. Ippudu cheppandi form mukyama? Class mukyama? Leda century mukyama?

Once Upon A Time There Lived A Ghost. He’s A Not Myth Anymore ani meeru andaru ane roju tondarlone undi…King Will Be Back, King Will Rise.

He’s Always A G.O.A.T

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