Vivo smartphone with in-screen fingerprint sensor by synaptics coming to CES 2018.


Synaptics is the first company which designed and launched its own in-display or in-screen fingerprint sensor and Synaptics announced that it’s own first in-display fingerprint sensor is going to be first used by Vivo Smartphone Company for their upcoming Flagship device.
Vivo announced on its official Twitter and Facebook handle that it is going to be unveil its latest smartphone with “In-Screen fingerprint” at CES 2018 Biggest Technology Show at Las Vegas and with the tweet it added a Prototype image which looks like a clean bezel-less Smartphone with 18:9 ratio display with in-screen fingerprint image on the screen with the slogan “Unlock the Future” beneath the image.finger print

There are three types of Smartphone users where the type one needs a Smartphone with Bezel less Full view display and type two needs a Smartphone with front fingerprint and type three needs a Smartphone with bezel-less and fingerprint on the front.
Synaptics understood all these three types of Smartphone users and designed an in-screen fingerprint sensor and Vivo adopted it from Synaptics and designed a Smartphone with Bezel less in-screen fingerprint sensor.2 World’s First In-Screen Fingerprint Smartphone by Vivo
Vivo announced that it is going to unveil the Vivo in-Screen display on January 10 Second day at CES 2018 by joing with Synaptics with the slogan “Unlock the Future”.
Rumours around the world that the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and Oneplus 6 are going to be next in-Screen Fingerprint Smartphone but the rumours are rumours still they came into light, Do comment if you found any other Smartphone with an in-screen display in the comments section below and Stay tuned to Wirally Tech for more news at CES 2018.