5 Effective And Unusual Ways To Burn More Calories

Have You followed all weight loss diets and attended several gym sessions? But again, the weighing machine still shows the same number. And, now you have finally given up the idea of losing weight. Well, do not lose hope! Here are few amazing , yet easy ways to shed off your excess fat. So, practice them and flaunt your curves.

Drink Cold Water

Drinking water has also been shown to temporarily boost metabolism in normal and overweight adults and children. It is a popular belief that cold water solidifies body fat; it actually helps you to burn calories. This happens because the body requires more energy to warm up the cold water.

Burn More CaloriesCold Showers 

Cold showers, especially early in the morning, help you to burn your calories. When you take a shower, your body temperature still maintains its internal temperature.  This process helps you to burn as much as 100 calories. Early morning showers are important because they burn calories fresh out of your system.

Burn More CaloriesShopping 

Shopping is actually a very good exercise, both for your mind and body. When you shop, the release of serotonin makes you feel happy and at ease. Besides this, the various body movements like walking, hand movements to pick up things or speaking while bargaining during shopping burn at least 150-200 calories. 

Burn More CaloriesLaughing and Speaking 

It is right that laughing is the best medicine. Even a study has revealed that people who laugh and speak more, tend to stay in better shape. When you speak and laugh, these activities increase your heartbeat, and your heart pumps blood faster. Most importantly, they increase your body heat, giving way to a faster metabolism. 

Burn More CaloriesWatching Horror Movies 

It is a true and logical technique. When you watch a horror film, the adrenaline rush, stress hormones, and neuroreceptors work at par to help you get rid of some of your excess calories. So, sitting at home, you can lose up to 140 calories the while by watching Horror. 

Burn More Calories

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