We Tried To Compare Few Engineering Scenarios To Memes & The Sync Is Epic AF


Engineering life through memes.

Before Joining engineering

Expectations level: Reality level

Engineering Meems

IT workshop = adi workshop kaadu ra narachi

Engineering MeemsThat overacting lab incharge = Yegisi thantha na kodaka

Engineering MeemsMachines Lab [DC Motor vs AC Motor] = ade idi kaadu, ade idi

Engineering MeemsMe before entering HOD’s room = bandi ekkinaanante bayapadala na kodaka

In HOD’s room: “adi kuda correct ye kada sir”

After coming out of HOD’s room

Engineering Meems

A Day before semester:

Engineering Spectrum = Nuvu atu tirigi itu tirigi naa dagarike vastav ani naku telsu


Engineering Meems

After clearing all subjects in the sem but that one trusted subject which venupotued you:

Engineering MeemsProject Contribution = pedda statue(that one guy who does all the work)…chinna statue(remaining guys)

Engineering MeemsDuring viva: Q: What is the use of iron core in a transformer?

yevadiki telusu ra evadiki telusu

Engineering Meems

Thinking of getting placed in google and facebook while having backlogs = Jobs gurunchi meekenduku…

Engineering MeemsAfter Btech: em roo, mee branch veru kani IT lo job endi raa

Engineering Meems