Welcome To The World’s First Robotic Hotel And Be Amazed..!!

No we haven’t lost our minds ( atleast not yet ). The phrase belongs to The Henn-Na Hotel in Nagasaki Japan which isn’t exactly your average hotel. Located within the Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed amusement park, it has most of the features you’d expect—the usual beds, baths, and tiny bedside tables—with one major exception: Instead of human attendants, the hotel is staffed almost entirely by robots. From the velociraptor robot at check-in to the smiling egg-shaped assistant who controls the lights in each room, the hotel is fully automated.

The Henn-Na Hotel—which translates to the “Strange Hotel”—does have a few human employees on call in case of emergencies, and for some cleaning chores, but they’re mostly behind the scenes.

Throughout the hotel, the only human voices that can be heard are those of guests. Otherwise, most of the sounds belong to machines: the whirring of the hotel’s mechanical porter, the gravelly voice of the Velociraptor at the front desk, and the mumbles and squeaks of the hotel’s other robotic employees.

In “Welcome To The Robot Hotel,” WIRED gives a short video tour of the Henn-Na, introducing the hotel’s robotic crew, and showing off the hotel in all its strangeness. Check it out above.

( Courtesy : WIRED )

Check In The Hotel Here :


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