What Every Couple In A Long Distance Realtionship Should Know


Love anedi chala beautiful feeling. Kontamandi degaraga untaru, kontamandi long distance lo undalsochidi, may be career or families valla. But chala mandi antaru, if you have been it in longterm, then meru me, partner, definitely chala best friends apoyinate ani. Usual ga kontamandi long distance lo unapudu love taggipodam, godavalu and chala disturbances create avtayi, so ivala manam asalu a charm taggakunda ela unchukovalo chinna tips annamata.

1. Meru relationship starting lo evaitey chesaro avi gurtupettukondi chivari varaku.long distance relatyionship

First lo okalani okalu chala special ga treat chestam, but konta time tarvata peddaga pattinchukomu. To keep the relationship young, you don’t have to look too far. Just go back to all the things you used to do for each other and it will be all good.

2. Try to go for a dinner date at least once in two weeks or adi possible kakapotey try to cook together.long distance relatyionship

Weekends possible aitey manchi dinner dates ki vellandi, lekapotey idaru kalisi cook chesukondi and trust me, that will definitely good for your relationship and meru inka close avtaru.

3. Surprise them with little thingslong distance relatyionship

Surprise antey expensive ani full filmy style lo alochinchakandi, as you both are staying away from each other, once in a while, make sure you order food online for your partner and get it delivered straight to their office.

4. Try to avoid spending too much time with phones, when you’re togetherlong distance relatyionship

If you keep on scrolling the news feed, it will definitely kill the time, when you are with each other. To keep your relationship going, make sure you give all that technology a rest for at least an hour, if not more.

5. Plan for a trip atleast once in every monthlong distance relatyionship

Yes, travel can make you both as best buddies. Kalisi traveling ki veladam valla you can explore places and even you can chill out with the other. Do it definitely to unfold the magic between you two.

6. Try to make a list of cool events in the city and surprise them with the ticketslong distance relatyionship

Instead of spending all the time on Netflix, make sure you both spend more time with each other and make memories. The idea is to make an evening out of an event in the city and come back home with loads of memories.

7. Make sure not to irritate the other if they forgot to wish you or call you after a tired daylong distance relatyionship

Okokasari because of meetings and tiredness valla you can’t follow routine of calling you or sometimes, friends tho bayataku velladam valla kudarakapovachu. Try to understand each other and me relationship inka grow ayyela chesukovali.