What If Our Fraudsters Are Given Tollywood Movie Titles

Politician, Industrialists, Government Officers, ila responsible leaders, prestigious business tycoons, defence officers la tho saha andaru dorkinanta dochestunnaru. Common man without helmet, wrong route, and signal jump, chestey vallaki mana governments thousand varaki fine collect chestharu. Anta enduku oka ordinary bank account holder nundi bank vallu every three transactions ki intha ani, SMS alerts ani, net banking services ani common man account lo nundi money deduct chestayi. But, adey some lakhs and crores eggottina industrialists, konni crores scam lu chesina politicians avtey bail sanction tho society lo hai ga tirgocchu or flight ekki other country ki escape avvochhu.

Manam elago London lo unna mallya ni pattukolemu, nirav modi lanti vallani identify kuda cheyalemu. But, vari vari scam and frauds ki set ayye la konni Telugu movie titles nee adopt chesam look at those.

1. Kingfisher Vijay Mallya – Money laundering with various banks and escaped. – Chikkadu DorkaduScammers and Fraudsters

2. Nirav Modi – Diamond Businessman Punjab Bank Fraud Case – Mosagallaku MosagaduScammers and Fraudsters

3. A Raja – 2G spectrum Scam (got clean sheet) so – Raja The GreatScammers and Fraudsters

4. Lalith Modi – IPL cricket fraud and scam – AATADISTHAScammers and Fraudsters

5. Suresh Kalmadi – Common Wealth Games Scam – Kabaddi KabaddiScammers and Fraudsters

6. Satyam Rama linga Raju – Satyam Computers and Maytas Infra Scam – ABADDAMScammers and Fraudsters

7. Abdul Kareem Telgi – Stamp Papers Scam – PostmanScammers and Fraudsters

8. SP Tyagi – Agusta Chopper Scam – Gaganam and Akasha VidiloScammers and Fraudsters

9. Lalu Prasad Yadav – Fodder Scam – DocheyScammers and Fraudsters

10. Gali Janardhan Reddy Ballery Mining Corruption – Bangaram (Based on his gold love)Scammers and Fraudsters

If we missed any scammers and frauds please mention them along with suitable movie titles in below comment. If you like this post, please like, comment and share.

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