What Is T-Hub? 8 Things About The World’s Largest Innovation Campus & Startup Incubator

June 28th Telangana Govt, T-Hub ane technological and innovation campus ni launch chesindi. Hyderabad based ga start aina ee T-Hub some budding entrepreneurs their ideas, startups ni build chesukodaniki backbone la untundi ani cheptunnaru. Kani assala T-Hub ela work chestundi? Why is it first of its kind? Lanti questions ki answers ee blog lo chuseddam padandi.

1. CM KCR Inaugurated T-Hub 2.0, the world’s largest innovation campus and startup incubator after Station F based in France. The New T-Hub building is Setup and Built-in 5.82 Acres at Raidurg in Hitech City

2. Before this TS Govt had set up the first T-Hub in 2015 at IIT-Hyderabad. With 70,000 square feet of space, this facility rents out office and meeting space, and offers services such as connections with mentors and investors, to startup companies.

3. With 1500 startups, The First T-Hub created nearly Rs 10,000 crore worth of startup ecosystem. And the T-Hub 2.0 Building is going to house more than 4,000 startups, corporates, investors, academia, and national and international ecosystem enablers.

4. The New T-Hub Building has been designed by a Korean company. T-Hub 2.0 Building comprises 10 floors, one of the floors will be dedicated solely to venture capitalists and Venture capitalists can use office space free of cost.

5. The main aim and the motto of T-Hub 2.0 is to support technology-related start-ups and the ‘hub’ provides an innovation-driven ecosystem for these companies at a low fee.

6. Other floors will house a state innovation cell to promote rural talent, a center of excellence in cyber security, a center for innovation and entrepreneurship, along with representation from the Dept. of Science and Technology, Atal Innovation Mission on Artificial Intelligence.

7. Telangana Govt spent almost 400 crores to build this incubator and the government said T-Hub will have 5 regional centers spread out in Warangal, Khammam, Nizamabad Karimnagar, and Mahbubnagar in the coming days.

8. Not just for Telangana, but T-Hub 2.0 doors are open for all the Techies and budding entrepreneurs across India with new and unique startups ideas.

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