What made Suma Queen of Anchoring?


No formal introduction is required for Suma as she is very well known to us. She is like our family member. Excelling in a particular field is one big thing while consistently maintaining the monopoly in it is another great achievement! All this success cannot be achieved in a fortnight. It takes immense dedication and handwork along with a progressive passion towards it. Let’s look at some of the qualities she possessed and choices she made that helped her in being crowned as the Queen of the Small screen.

1. Finding A Career In The Area Of Interest


Our career choices matter a lot in the success rate of our lives. Suma, understanding her interests and talent stepped into the acting field. When one does something that they are passionate about, they will automatically put in all their efforts into it wholeheartedly. All the pains we take will not matter much for the happiness that is felt. If we don’t like what we are doing, we can’t stick in that field for a long time.

2. Welcome The Changes And Mould Accordingly


When the trends in digital media started to evolve, she felt it’s not a good idea to just stick to one thing and lag behind. She started hosting along with acting. With a good sense of humor, spontaneity, and skills to handle situations, she started gaining popularity. Good grip on Telugu language, awesome timing, satirical punches and her creativity made her what she was.

3. Persistence And Patience Are The Key To Success Mantra


Though her Anchoring career started long back, she only started gaining popularity after her show ‘Awwakkayara’. Her very popular shows are ‘Panchavataram’, ‘Star Mahila’, ‘Bhale Chance le’, ‘Genes’.
She did not give up anchoring though she did not get any noticeable success at the beginning of her career. She was persistent and kept improving her skills. She was always patient enough to taste the fruit of success as it takes time to outshine.

4. Hard work Always Pays Off


It’s not an easy task to do a daily show for almost 10 years and still keep it going. Her flagship show ‘Star Mahila’ was started in 2008 and is about reach 3000 episodes very soon. She has already entered Limca book of records and now will be in Guinness book of world records shortly. She shoots at least 2 episodes of it daily. Apart from her general shows she also does Audio functions during the evenings. For show ‘Panchavataram’ she single-handedly performed 5 characters for each episode. The true reward of her work is not any awards or monetary benefits, but the place she gained in her audience hearts.

5. Expand The Horizon, Even Sky Is Not The Limit


She always experimented with various things. We should always put our various skills to test and keep finding our unexplored talents. She amazed us with her singing performance in ‘Suya Suya’ song. She has started her own production with youtube channel ‘Jujubi TV’. Her versatility doesn’t stop there, she is a trained classical dancer too.

6. No Matter How High You Grow, Keep yourself Rooted


We should always remember where we came from. Though her popularity shot up, she always never let that fame blind her. She always remained grateful for the people who helped her in paving her way to success. The way she treats her co-workers or audience reveals her down to earth nature.

7. Balancing Work And Family Life

7 - family

Though she works 6 days a week and round the clockwork, she makes sure that her kids are not affected by her work. She always keeps in track of their studies and daily needs. “Behind every successful man there is a woman, but behind every successful woman, there is a family” quoted by Suma when she received an Award. She loves her family and takes good care of them and they reciprocate it in the form of their support.

Suma is a true inspiration to all of us and truely Superwoman to talk about this Women’s Day!

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