What’s the Best Thing 100 Rupees Can Buy ?


With prices constantly on the rise and your expenditure touching the seventh skies, you might be thinking, what could 100 Rupees possibly get you in this oh-so-unbelievably-costly country? Besides the mainstream pani puri, vada pav, dosa and other similar chowpatti snacks, there’s a lot your hundred rupee note has to offer. So, girls and boys, turn your frowns upside down and check out these items that one can get right under hundred:


Oh girls, if you’re lucky, you can find a sale on that designer purse that you had your eyes on since day 1. But, pushing luck towards the other side of your head and locking that almost-close-to-impossible thought in a dark room, check out these everyday items that are available under 100 rupees (plus point: they are highly useful too):


With germs and diseases on the rise, you end up being a mysophobic (germ-o-phobic), where even a normal shake hand with a ‘moist’ hand makes you want to wash your hands thoroughly. Well, you can’t always carry your hand wash everywhere and in situations as such, a hand sanitizer goes a long way! Why not carry a tiny bottle of fruit-scented sanitizer with you everywhere? It’ll protect you from germs, moisturize your hands and will leave behind a refreshing scent.

-Zuci Hand Sanitizer, RS.40 – RS.50



There are days when you really want your nails to be pampered, because all that playing, typing, lifting stuff, opening jars and washing dishes just chopped them out so unevenly, that it makes you wince whenever you glance at them. Well, such days deserve a random cut, scrub and shape to your nails. And all this is possible via a simple manicure at one of Hyderabad’s great salon. (They also have cheaper rates for all other beauty care procedures, check them out).

-Just Flaunt, Basic Manicure, RS. 100

3. SOCKS:3

Most of the girls love having their feet covered with socks (in their shoes/flats) while walking outdoors in the brightly shining sunlit hours. Or, if you’re like us, then you would simply love roaming around the house with socks on, skating on the smooth marble floor, or snuggling on your bed and having your feet covered the entire time. For such sock addicts, there’s definitely some good news. You can definitely afford your monthly pair of new socks with just a hundred bucks! Dream come true!

-iKii, Unisex Sock, RS.80


Are you the kind of person who gets to hear comments like, ‘oh my god, sweetie, are you sick?’, ‘you look like a zombie?’ or ‘did you cry?’, when you don’t apply eyeliner? If yes, then you are definitely in need of eyeliner. Besides, doesn’t it make you feel so happy holding a bottle of intense, black, eye defining eyeliner, which costed under 100? Think about it. *wink*

-Lakme, Lakme Insta liner, RS.90


Buying a lip balm and a lip stick separately for that kick of moisture on your lips, makes a hole on your budget. At the same time, finding a lip gloss, that is lip-friendly and won’t darken your lips, is just hard work. Well, why not buy a juicy lip balm that acts as a lip gloss? Need one more reason to buy it? Well, it’s just under RS. 100, perfect enough for daily use and would last for three months. Like, what else do we girls need?

-ELLE 18, Juicy Pink Lip Balm, RS. 100



If you boys are wondering what could you possibly get for 100, well, there’s lots. It’s not ‘just’ a girls’ world out there. *grin*

1. WALLETS:boys1

Honestly, don’t we all have better things to buy, besides a wallet? But, at the same time, we are tired of listening to the continuous nagging session of our parents asking us to buy a new wallet to keep our money safe, (at the same time, they are unwilling to lend us money to buy it? Such tough lives. Tisk, tisk). Well, lucky for you, out of that RS. 1000 that you get every month for pocket money, you just need to spend less than hundred to buy a wallet that’d last for… another three years? *evil laugh*. With the left over money, well, do whatever you would like to. *wink*

-Stylox, Artificial Leather Wallet, RS. 99

(Artificial leather, because, come on, not all of us are Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise at this age. We have priorities, like… “food???).


Wouldn’t you boys simply love an American branded shaving cream which could fit your budget? But haven’t found one yet? You definitely haven’t searched well enough. Yes, it’s true, there are lovely, scented shaving creams available to suit your hundred Rupees budget! *girly shout mentally*

-Old Spice, Shaving Cream, RS. 65


Oh yes, you read that right! Remember that we talked about priorities up there? Priorities like ‘food’? If you love delicious, fresh and mouth-watering sandwiches (which you can build by yourself and add your own sauces, veggies, bread and favorite protein), why not opt for Subway, instead of the mainstream pani puri or any other indian snack? Besides, you can totally afford the six inch sandwich and stuff it up till you get stuffed up!

-Subway, 6-inch Sandwich, RS. 99


Sometimes, don’t you wish you had enough gum in your pocket to lend it to all your friends, every time you pull it out of your pocket? Or do you wish for an alternative to gum, something that’d freshen up your breath and you wouldn’t have to share it with a fifty thousand others around you? Well, why not carry around a spray based mouth freshener? Besides, it’s cheaper than gum and doesn’t give your stomach that bloat.

-Spray Mint Mouth Freshener, RS. 69

5. FACE WASH:boys5

This seems highly essential to everyone these days. A travel pack that’d fit in your bag would be so helpful in making you look fresh right before appearing in front of that stern and lifeless HR for the interview or before meeting your girlfriend. Isn’t that the least you can do to avoid an oily and dull skin?

-Ponds, Pollution out Face Wash, RS. 100


Last but not the least, why not treat yourself to something exotic that comes to you right under the hundred Rupees mark?

Frozen Yogurt:Frozen Yogurt

This is one of the healthiest things a person could possibly treat themselves with. With options like sugar-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free, frozen yogurt, over six different flavors of yogurts to choose from, and more than nine various toppings ranging from fruits to candies to chocolates and various syrups, it makes frozen yogurt extremely delightful to eat. Besides, you pay a rupee per gram. A little goes a long way to your senses here. You’d love to try it out.

-Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt


Mini Melts:Minimelts

A great hit in America that’s making its debut in India, starting with Hyderabad, Mini Melts is a different ice cream eating experience. The cryogenically frozen ice cream, locks up more flavor compared to your traditional ice cream and then being frozen using liquid nitrogen kicks out all the air from the ice cream, resulting in various fun shapes, instead of being, ‘creamy’. An experience worth a try… Besides, you get it for a hundred rupees! Experience the U.S. in India.

Not such a costly world anymore isn’t it? 😉

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