When our heroes appeared as gods on screen


When I asked my grandma ‘How does Krishna or Rama look?’, she replied, “Like NTR???.

It might seem funny, but it gives us an idea of the influence NTR managed to have in each of our grandma’s imaginations. Though he was bare chested, he was playing a GOD. I am sure with the mindset girls had then, they never dared to see him the way now girls see a Prabhas or Allu Arjun’s six pack abs. But, its interesting how the Gods too modernized along with us all through these years. Let’s take a look!



With the elegant ornaments and charm, as Shri Krishna especially in Mayabazaar. Karna, Krishna, Shiva, Duryodhana, Ravana –  Each character was well-etched out, and NTR pulled off every character with panache.



The latest Godly appearance he gave was in Pandurangadu and Sri Ramarajyam. Widely known as andagadu (good looking guy), NBK managed to draw curiosity from the audience with his choice of films.



He was a competitor to Chiru when he came on celluloid. But for reasons best known to himself, Suman disappeared from the film scene for quite some time. He suddenly appeared as Lord Balaji in Annamaya and was quite impressive.

( Not only heros even Ramya krishna Played a Great Role )



Like the male domination happened with the Gods, giving us stories where obviously the Gods had more roles than the Goddesses, TFI too witnessed the same. After KR Vijaya, Ramyakrishna was the only convincing actress to portray a Goddess and we can say she was spot on as Ammoru.



In Yamadonga and Yamagola, Mohan Babu and Satyanarayana respectively are the only convincing Lord Yamas for TFI. Both justified their roles, but those extra marks will go to Satyanarayana for his carrying off his modern outfits a bit better.



Just asking ourselves the question – which God would suit Chiru? The closest answer is Shiva and he did that exactly in Sri Manjunatha. Though it didn’t pull crowds, after having more than half of a state following you for over a decade, you definitely feel like God!

NAGARJUNA7 - Nagarajuna


Nag has had awesome roles to his credit all through his career. He showed us the depth of devotion towards God through Annamaya and Sri Ramadas. After which he became one with God, and then became a God. Sabka Maalik Ek Hai – Shirdi Sai.

PAWAN KALYAN8 - Pawankalyan


With the fan following he has got, he is already regarded as their God. Good that he chose not to don the usual attire with jewelry and stuff. He just played the cool God in Gopala Gopala, using his wit, screen presence and charm.



Yes! Surprise. He conveyed the actual meaning of being God through the taxi driver Raju in Khaleja.

Miscellaneous: Many other actors did try playing GODS but didn’t manage to be remembered much. ANR played Lord Rama in his debut, Sita Rama Jananam.  Shoban Babu too played the same in Sampoorna Ramayanam. Srikanth, Jr. NTR played ‘young’ Yamas.10 - Young Yama


Just on the lighter side, Mahesh Babu too posed as Krishna. He just did it for fun. You don’t believe it?


Which is your favourite mythological film of all time?

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