10 Things That Happen When Girls Are On Their Period..!!

By Ritika Chhabria

When girls are on their period, there are things that are a very regular thing for them, those things which just happen, with no particular reasoning or explanation as such. Here’s some of them !

Killer Mood Swings

no 1.

The feeling of hitting someone, feeling sorry for thinking of that and wanting to do that anyway, is something that can happen in split seconds when you’re on your period. The feeling of being too emotional is also what one experiences very frequently at that time.

Chocolate Drives

no 2.

This intense craving to eat chocolate is something that drives us. Whether it’s a chocolate or a chocolate flavoured pastry, it doesn’t matter; some form of chocolate has to go in.

Girl to Girl Talks

no 3.

‘Talks’ happen when girls are on their period. With hormones flying everywhere and a roll of emotions inside, some of these are very funny and some of them are pretty serious.

Sleeping Positions

no 4.

Yes we try to sleep carefully, maybe on one side, maybe not. We don’t sleep at attention the entire time. We just try to find a comfortable posture.

White clothes

no 5.

White clothes are an absolute no no when on your period. Like they say, safety first

Stigma Attached

no 6.

“Don’t go there”, “Don’t touch that” are some common lines that are heard at the time of the month. Now a days we question them but actually these stigmas make no sense to me!

The Ominous Newspaper/ Black Plastic Bag

no 7.

When you see a girl trying to hide a newspaper  or a plastic bag in front of/behind her, don’t question her about it, just don’t.

Anger doesn’t always mean we are PMSing

no 8.

Yes, we are moody around the time of the month, but that doesn’t mean whenever a girl is angry she is on her period. Sometimes the reasons are legit!

Staying away from Water

no 9.

We are far away from pools and other water sports around that time, atleast most of us are.

Trying to find a comfortable position

no 10.

When we are in pain, which is absolutely horrible pain, we try to move around trying to find the good spot, the spot where it doesn’t hurt that much. Oh and it’s not easy to find that spot, it involves a lot of sitting, standing and walking around.


Yup, that’s what it’s all about. Got any more that we missed?
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