When you fail in your Btech Subjects – The story of Backlogs!


From childhood, the least experienced feeling by most of us is the feeling of ‘failing’. Till your high school, you just had one phrase if you couldn’t get over the minimum marks – its a ‘FAIL’. But, once you make it to college, the concept associated with the word ‘Fail’ is a little stretched and eased out – its called ‘Back Log’. Now, you don’t have the worry of getting detained and stuff until you really do a ‘bad’ performance.

Though the feeling of failure is almost the same, the interest of studying engineering is at least protected. Lets take a look at the fate of saada failures or the feeling of having one/many/all back logs.

Firstly when the aunty next door pisses you off..b.tech

But if had a friendly dad, he would give it back!b.tech

Every batch will have at least one of these guys..b.techb.tech

Sometimes even though you fail..b.techb.techb.tech

You should appreciate these kinda guys!b.tech

And finally these kinda of guys too. Pass ayyina anandam undadhu..9 - 70

If you too have some similar reactions for our brothers who failed, please share it with us and lets keep the spirit high!!