Which Is The Best Biryani In India? KTR Joins The Battle!

What began as a fun talk about biryani soon turned out to be a topic of debate for everyone on twitter. Fun and intense replies started flowing from across the country. People were ready to fight for their favourite biryani. While some prefer Hyderabadi biryani, some swear by Lucknowi biryani.

Biryani is one dish that we all love and is super close to our hearts. Have you ever met a person who hates biryani? We haven’t. But do you know about the origin of biryani? While most people relate biryani to the Mughals, there have been traces of this dish prior to their era. There are also mentions of a dish named Oon Soru in Tamil, which dates back to as early as 2 A.D. It was composed of rice, ghee, meat, turmeric, and bay leaf. There is another story that depicts that Mumtaz Mahal, once visited army barracks and asked the chef to prepare a special and nutritious dish for the army personnel and thus biryani was created.

Now, coming back to our debate, journalist Rohini Singh replied to a user who ridiculed Kolkata biryani. In her reply, she also showed her distaste for the Hyderabadi biryani.

Battle Of BiryanisTo this, a food blogger Vir Sanghvi joined the debate by disclosing how often he could eat biryani and in this list, he placed Hyderabadi biryani towards the last.

Battle Of Biryanis!This friendly battle, of course, took a new turn when the CEO of NitiAayog, Amitabh Kant, declared to the whole Twitterati his favourite choice of biryani and surprisingly, it was not even from India.

Battle Of BiryanisAll these tweets certainly stirred anger amongst the Hyderabadis and those who love the local biryani. And, to save the day, the Minister of IT, Telangana KTR had to step in. He tweeted saying that all the rights to brag about biryani belonged only to Hyderabad and that the other biryanis were merely poor imitations.

Battle Of BiryanisWhat started as a friendly banter ended up as a battle. But, wasn’t this fun for us to watch? Tell us which is your favourite biryani and let the Battle of Biryanis start again.


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