Why is Brahma not worshipped?


Lord Brahma is the God of creation of Humanity and everything in this world. He is the God of wisdom and all the four Vedas are believed to have originated from His four heads. He is one of the 3 Gods we worship every single day: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Just like we worship any other God, we do not find temples of people worshipping Lord Brahma.1 Why is Brahma not worshipped

According to one legend,

It is believed that, Lord Brahma and Vishnu were in a debate about being the greatest. The argument kept taking time and Lord Shiva couldn’t stand the heat and had to intervene. Lord Shiva took the form of a gigantic Lingam covered with fire and it extended from the heaven to the underworld and told the other two that he is the greatest who finds the end of the Lingam.2 Why is Brahma not worshipped

Both Brahma and Vishnu set out in opposite directions to find the end. They went on for years together but couldn’t find success. Both those Lords realized the Lord Shiva is the greatest among the three. But Brahma wanted to trick Lord Shiva and went to request the Ketaki flower to testify infront of Lord Shiva that he had reached the uppermost point of the Lingam. The flower agreed to it but said the truth when with Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva became furious and cursed Lord Brahma that he would never be worshipped by anyone.3 Why is Brahma not worshipped

According to another legend,

After Brahma was born, he created Goddess Saraswati. As soon as he created her, He became overpowered by the ethereal beauty. But Saraswati did not want to be associated with carnal desire and she changed her forms. But He did not give up. Finally, unable to control her anger, the Goddess cursed Brahma that He would not be worshipped by any being on Earth.4 Why is Brahma not worshipped