Why should we sit on the floor while eating?


Some of us intlo kinda kurchoni tintam or at least whenever we are just sitting with people, we tend to sit on the floor with crossed legs. But mana ancestors prakaram it is the best we sit on the floor with our legs crossed while eating.

Here is why we should do that.

1. The posture that we usually sit in on the floor is called the Sukhasan or a half padmasna which are poses that help in digestion. 1.-The-posture-that-we
2. When you eat from a plate placed on the floor, you will have to naturally bend forward slightly and go back to your starting position to swallow. This constant back and forth movement causes the muscles of your abdomen to be activated and also leads to increased secretion of stomach acids. These acids make it easier for the process to happen.2.-When-you-eat-from-a-plate-placed
3. Sitting on the floor helps your brain to calm down and lets you focus on your food.3.-Sitting-on-the-floor-helps
4. When you squat or sit in padmasana, the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, around your stomach and those of the upper and lower abdomen stretch reducing pain and discomfort.4.-When-you-squat-or-sit
5. Once your mind is calm and your body is ready to accept nutrition, sitting on the floor is the best way to eat the right amount and kinds of food.5.-Once-your-mind-is-calm
6. Sitting like that frequently helps improve our posture.6.-Sitting-like-that-frequently
7. Sitting in Sukhasana also helps keep your joints supple, flexible and less prone to injuries and degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.7.-Sitting-in-Sukhasana
8. Helps your heart strengthen by proper blood circulation.8.-Helps-your-heart-strengthen
9. Sitting on the floor lets you eat slowly which in turn makes you feel full faster.9.-Sitting-on-the-floor