Why Should We Start Our Food With Spice And End It With Sweet?


Any traditional meal we have at our houses, festivals, functions or in weddings, we must have observed that we are served food with different kinds of spices such as staple dal, vegetables, chapati, rice, and pickles and end it with sweets and icecreams. This isn’t just a tradition followed for being fancy, but has enough health and science behind it.0 Why should we start our food with spice

The reason for eating spicy food is that our body secretes digestive juices and acids which enhance the digestive process. Eating spicy foods also ensures that the digestion goes on smooth. Sweets contain a lot of carbs that lead to bad digestion hence shouldn’t be had at the first. At the same time, the intake of sugar enhances the absorption of amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is associated with the increase in the levels of serotonin a neurotransmitter which is linked to the feelings of well-being. That is the feeling we need to experience at the end of a full meal.01 Why should we start our food with spice

However, the kind of sweets and spices we must eat should be very healthy. Sweets with high amount of white sugar do not signify goodness in health. Instead, use jiggery, honey or brown sugar to make your sweet at home. In fact, organic jaggery can be your best bet. At the same time, having food loaded with a lot of spices makes our stomachs terrible.3 Why should we start our food with spice