Why Should You Watch Premam Movie?


Premam is a Telugu remake of Malyalam super hit, Premam. This movie is ought to be a coming-of-age romantic comedy film written and directed by Chandoo Mondeti, releasing tomorrow. Its leading cast is Naga Chaitanya and Shruti Hasan.

This movie is a must watch. Why??

1. This movie’s counterpart in Malayalam has got an overwhelming response and created outstanding records. It had marked its name as everyone’s favorite movie. A legacy, this huge, is definitely worth everyone watching.


2. When this movie can cast some handsome and beautiful people, Naga Chaitanya and Shruthi Hassan, who would not go watch ?


3. Karthikeya is a bilingual mystery written and directed by this same man, Chandoo Mondeti. Now it creates more anxiety definitely.


4. Premam has a very interesting story line. The genre being a love story, pretty common, but has an untold story of a man experiencing love with lot of passion and innocence. It is sure of hitting the audience at the right chord. Let’s hope this movie for the best.


5. Malare or Evare. The song and the entire album have stolen the hearts and ears of everyone. Those that love music of this kind will not search for any other reason to watch this movie.


6. College life is what every student and every man has experienced in his life and definitely keeps it memorable for all the reasons possible. This movie also focuses on the same. Fights, love, comedy and every form of entertainment possible. It also aims on taking the viewers to a trip down the lane.


7. “When you watch the film, you will understand why we cast her. She has amazing screen presence. … People need to understand that the original Premam was made with zero expectations, and on a tight budget. Given their budget, they could take the risk and it paid off. “ For all the trollers out there, this response is certainly enough that you should go watch the movie and then open up.


8. King Nagarjuna is giving a voice-over for the film. Nagarjuna, the father of Naga Chaitanya and his uncle Venkatesh are appearing in a cameo in ‘Premam’. Do not ask more questions. Just watch it tomorrow


All the best to the team of Premam.