WTF?? Website calls Edida Nageswar Rao’s Death as ANR’s

If I were asked to shop for a Shimla Apple and if I didn’t know how it looks like, I would try atleast picking something like apple and show it. I wouldn’t pick an orange, just because it has the same shape and claim its a Shimla Apple.

This is what exactly happened where a website mistook the recent demise of Edida Nageswar Rao, the legend producer who played a crucial role in bringing up the alternate cinema in Telugu for the Legend actor Akkineni Nageswar Rao, even after a year of His death. If just a similar name is going to confuse you, the IQ and GK are seriously at stake. Come on, a company called Google is providing decent services in giving you pages of information for just a word that you type in. Just a search for a minute would have been a lot lot better.


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Now, there is no need to brag about where the media is going and what world we are living in, it was a gun shot error with lots of love for negligence and below the par IQ. And that comes from not being aware of who is who.

Here is a bit of information we all need to know about Edida Nageswar Rao, a producer of 10 films. One might wonder its just 10 films, but its not about the number, its about the content in each film that paved a path and the history and dignity created for our Telugu Cinema.

Banner Name: Poornodaya Movie Creations

Movies Produced: Siri Siri Muvva, Tayaramma BangarayyaShankarabharanam, Seetakoka Chiluka, SwayamkrushiSwatimutyam, Swarakalpana, Sitara, Sagarasangamam and Apatbandhavudu.

All the movies he produced were path breaking and had a lot of influence not only on the movie lovers but also socially. Almost all the movies he produced won either of the awards. Each movie plays a role in the pride of Telugu Cinema history. He had a very close association with K Vishwanath and also served as Telugu Film producer’s Council Secretary, Nandi Awards Committee Chairman and National Film Award Committee member. He worked as a theater artist, dubbing artist before he chose to produce these wonderful movies.

For playing a crucial role in giving us gems of cinema to watch and for enhancing our love for cinema, may his soul rest in peace.

Mistakes happen with everyone, but it shouldn’t go to the extent of calling them blunders, atleast not with a Legend like ANR. He is a national personality and we ought to know him very well.

Really wonder what Nagarjuna has got to say about this??



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