Here’s How You Can Make Delicious Egg Bites At Home

Eggs Bites is a quick and easy to make recipe, which is delicious to eat, they contain few calories and are great for breakfast or for a quick evening snack, and as they contain eggs, they are super healthy too, you can also add your favorite vegetables to mixture and make it even healthier and tastier,


3 eggs

half cup onions

¼ cups carrot

¼ cup capsicum

Green chilies


Gram flour (1 tbsp)

Coriander leaves


•Take a Bowl, and crack 3 eggs in them.

•Now add half cup onions, ¼ cups carrot, and¼ cup capsicum.

•Now add green chilies to the mixture, and salt as per taste.

•Now add one spoon gram flour (besan) and whisk the mixture well

•Now add coriander leaves and whisk the mixture again

•Now take the paniyaram pan, and add some oil to the pan

•Once the oil is hot, add the mixture to the pan

•Cover the pan, and cook it for 2 minutes

•Turn the egg bites around and cook on the other side

•Your delicious egg bites are ready.

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