Love Maggi? Then You Must Visit These Places In Hyderabad & Vizag To Taste Best Maggi In Town

Maggi is one of the most loved food every age group people like to eat. Just two minutes lo ala cook chesthe ile ready aipoye maggi ante andariki istame. Meeru ilage maggi lover ha aithe regular ga maggi recipe kakunda konchem hatke maggi recipes try cheyalani undhi ? then we made a listicle for you to which will satisfy all your food cravings.

Let’s take a look into popular maggi addas in Hyderabad and a variety of maggi recipes to fulfill your taste buds.

1. AM PM – DLF Maggi Point, Gachibowli

Love MaggiIf you are a mnc employee at DLF IT Park in Gachibowli, aithe meeku definite ga idea unde untadhi. People who are not aware this maggi adda definite ga visit chesi ikkada hot hot ga serve chese egg maggi, fried chicken maggi pakka taste cheyalsindhe.

DLF, Gachibowli.

2. Symbi Maggi Point – Vizag

Love MaggiVizag lo the best Maggi ekkada dorukutundi ante vizagites cheppe very first place is Symbi Maggi Point. Not so many varieties but simple masala noodles, egg Maggi are must try to satisfy your Maggi cravings at these places.

Symbi Maggi Point
Rishikonda, Vizag

3. Hunger Cafe & Maggi point – DLF

Hunger CafeAnother maggo hot spot near DLF is Hunger Cafe & Maggi point which serves hot hot instant Maggi varieties like corn fried Maggi, chicken fried maggi, paneer masala maggi, butter Maggi and vegetable Maggi.

Hunger Cafe & Maggi point
DLF Gate 2, Gachibowli

4. Gitam ‘Down Maggi’ – Vizag

Best Maggi PlacesWell, Gitam college anagane andariki first akkada campus taruvatha second immediate ga gurtochhedi Maggi adda ‘Down Maggi’. Ikkada alin, masala and egg maggi tintu akkada beach ni enjoy cheste vacche kick eh veru. Not only maggi but omelettes, chai, bread nundi cigarettes varaku engineers ki all-time favourite adda ee Maggi point.

Down Maggi
Gitam College, Beach Road, Vizag.

5. Maggi Bowl – Kondapur

Best Maggi PlacesKondapur lo Maggi Bowl is completely dedicated to a variety of Maggi recipes. Here you can enjoy upto 20+ Maggi varieties in both veg and non-veg Maggi varieties. Veg lo fried vegetables Maggi, fried corn Maggi, veg-cheese Maggi and non-veg lo chicken cheese Maggi, and special chicken Maggi are must try Maggi recipes.

Maggi Bowl
Sriramnagar Colony, Kondapur

6. Maggi Adda – Attapur

Best Maggi PlacesHave you ever heard of or tried BBQ Maggi and Dum Biryani Maggi? Definite ga no kada…aithe Attapur lo unna Maggi Adda ee maggie varieties tho patu fast food blend chesina Chicken Schzewan Maggi, Chinese Chicken Maggi, Fry Piece chicken maggi lantivi chala taste cheyochu.

Maggi Adda
Hyderguda, Rajender Nagar, Attapur.

7. Express Maggi Point – Kukatpally (Opens in Midnights from 12 AM to 6 AM)

Best Maggi PlacesKukatpally nearby areas lo unde people Express Maggi Point lo dorike corn, egg. Chicken and prawns lanti different maggis tinocchu. Ulavacharu Chicken Maggi and Kaju Chicken maggi ikkada exotic chicken varieties tappakunda try cheyalsina.

Express Maggi Point
Vivekananda Nagar Colony, Ramalayam Road, Kukatpally

8. Chit Chat Chai – Jubilee Hills

Best Maggi PlacesEnding this with the most sought after a place which serves delicious Maggi varieties. Konchem costly but good hangout place and to taste some delicious Maggi varieties like Chicken Achari Maggi crazy untadi. And ikkada variety of teas kuda definite ga cheyandi not only Maggi.

Chit Chat Chai
Kavuri Hills, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills


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