Your Friend Has To Buy You Pizza If He/She Fails To Score Less Than 7 In This Pizza Quiz

Pizza ante evariki istam undadu cheppandi. Kani kontha mandi 24/7 pizza ante chacchi potuntaru. Ilanti valla kosame ee pizza quiz..all you have to do is challenge this pizza with your friend who loves to eat pizzas like anything else. 

If they failed to score less than 7, than vallu meeku pizza party ivvalsindhe.



You love Pizza

You have to buy pizza for your friend !


#1. Most popular pizza toppings in India ?

#2. Which pizza crust Indian’s prefer the most ?

#3. Most common available pizzas in India ?

#4. Oka regular crust pizza slice lo enni calories untayi ?

#5. Traditional Margherita Pizza is made of ?

#6. International Pizza Day is celebrated on ?

#7. Which European country did Pizza originated from ?

#8. First Pizza outlet in India started by whom ?

#9. First Pizza to Space …delivered by which space station ?

#10. Which country prefer Mayonnaise on their Pizza ?

#11. 93% _________ eat pizza daily or regularly

#12. Which pizza brand delivered pizza to outer space ?

#13. Margherita Pizza is named after which queen ?

#14. Which country introduced ready-to-eat pizza for their soldiers ?

#15. Largest Pizza chain in the world now ?


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