ZTE Launched Axon M Smartphone with Dual HD Displays


ZTE Corporation is the Chinese Mobile vendor Launched Axon M a foldable Dual 5.2” Full HD Display Smartphone in collaboration with AT&T Exclusive and it’s a First Phone in the Globe which has dual Displays with a hinge.ZTE axonThis Smartphone named as Axon M by the company ZTE and ee Mobile ne chustunte koneyyali anipistundi kada inka daani features anni chuste pakka kontaru, normal ga chalamandi work purpose kosam Tablets kontu untaru big screen works easy ga avtai ani kaani ee phone pakka tabs ne replace chestadi market loki vaste chala clean ga smooth ga fold ayyela oka hinge ne place chesaru and meeku a angle lo kavali ante aah Angle lo fold cheskovachu.ZTE Launched Axon M Smartphone with Dual HD Displays

Two displays same 5.2” inch Full HD IPS displays and Rendintini kalipthe Tab la use cheskovachu and unfold chesinapudu Screen Size 6.7” ante normal Tablet size avtundi and Tablet lane kaadu multi tasking ki chala baaga use avtundi, We can use this smartphone for our work by placing it as Tent and we can mirror the screens apudu opposite person kuda mana work ne cross check cheskovachu.ZTE Launched Axon M Smartphone with Dual HD Displays

Eppatike apudapudu anipistadi manchi Webseries chustunnapudu evadokadu Whatsapp lo msg chestadu or else ade time lo inko work untadi alantapudu anipistadi inko phone unte bagundu edi chustu andulo work cheskovachu ani, Same corporate and Bpo office lo and inka editors veellantha Dual display monitors use chestaru because to make their work easy same functionality tho ee Smartphone ne launch chesaru.ZTE Launched Axon M Smartphone with Dual HD Displays

elanti phone unte enchakka oka screen lo Mahathalli “Aha na Pellanta” Latest webseries or “The Girlfriend Experience” or “Game of thrones” chuskuntu inko screen lo whatsapp lo chatting, Skype lo video call, facebook lo Timeline chuskuntu Snapchat lo oka Status pedtu ahaa! aah experience bale untadabba, inka bloggers and mana Meme creators “CAPDT” “So Called Cinema” elanti page admins antha inka peaks lo Memes chesevallu lot of time Saving and lot of Fun.

Entertainment apart coming to the technical specifications ZTE Smartphone Axon M lo Android 7.1 Nougat OS tho vastundi and ee phone main Android split screen mode ne use cheskoni work avtundi and Processor vachi the Previous one Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with clock speed of 2.1GHz Quad-Core and comes in single variant 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and a 20MP HD rear Camera, deeniki front Slefie camera ledu, enthalone nirasa padkandi it has a hinge where it can rotate upto 180 degrees so Tab la open cheskoni Rear camera thone Selfie teeskovachu and eppatlo unna falgship devices lo 20MP Selfie ante arachakam, you can use this 20MP rear Camera as Selfie Camera too, and it has a long lasting battery capacity of 3180 mAh battery it supports to both displays.ZTE Launched Axon M Smartphone with Dual HD Displays

Rear view of Axon M with dual display rear side and we can fold it as Single Screen phone when there is no use and we can unfold it whenever we need and we can mirror, Spilt or access other applications simultaneously This ZTE Axon M helps Bloggers and Celebrities to access multiple modules.

November lo ZTE Axon M Market loki vastudi and on the first release only US AT&T Exclusive ga launch avtundi so only US citizens purchase cheyyochu with the price tag of $749 Approximately Rs.42K padochu India lo and Second release lo India lo release ayye chances unnai because India is the best Market after China and US.

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