11 Amazing things only people with younger brother can understand


An introduction about having a sibling is just not necessary. If you have opened to the page after seeing the topic, then yes you are at the right place!!! Those who do not have a younger brother have all the fun with a sister or by themselves. But those who do have it is a beautiful thing. Aa brother ni partner in crime authadu, your assistant authadu, your best friend authadu, your mid night friend authadu, your fighting companion authadu…many many more.

1. It happens that oka age tarvata he grows so much more taller than the sisters and finally we end up looking like the younger sister! Idi problem kadu until you have to reach something beyond your reach and need his help to pick the thing … apudu international deals kante ekva jarguthayi!1

2. Being the older sister and you want to drive a bike ante chaalu..even if we can do it he thinks we are short to drive one. That ends up a fight at home !!2

3. Mee iddarlo evaru ekva strong oo telsukoniki cheshna fights are never ending!3

4. Edaina trouble lo unte..okariki okaru escape routes baaga plan chestharu.4

5. Chinnapudu mana brother small baby kabatti we always have to give away everything just to make him stop crying.5

6. Mana parents kante ekva we know about him since we always listen and talk and gossip and roam with him.6-bardha

7. We proudly roam outside together like the coolest brother-sister pair ever!7

8. We always keep pranking against each other.8

9. There is no one else in the world we love as much than the brother!9

10. It is awesome if you both love dancing!!! Dancing ki inka better company evarki dorkadu.10

11. Evaraina na brother gurinchi okka maata ante chaalu..champestham vaallani!11