14 Little Signs that tell you are in love with rains


Varsham is the most beautiful thing created by the gods above only after our mothers indeed. Kani the season or the rain creates so much happiness in ourselves. Andarki varsham ante ishtam kani kondarki oka prema untadi with it. here are what such people do.

1. Ivala varsham padthadi ani manaki bayata weather nunchi sense chesthe, then we are so pumped the whole day.1. Ivala varsham padthadi
2. Varsham lo tadisthe, it cures us off all our stress and sadness.2. Varsham lo tadisthe
3. Rain creates so much comfort in us.3.Rain creates so much
4. Movies lo varsham gurinchi scenes or songs osthe, you automatically fall in love with the film.4. Movies lo varsham gurinchi
5. The smell of the earth when it rains is something you will never stop sniffing.5. The smell of the
6. Varsham padutunte the sky becomes dull and so intense. Adi chustunte ne manaki super anandam osthadi.6. Varsham padutunte the
7. Rain lo unapudu we try planning dates or taking our loved ones out. Prema double authadi kada..7. Rain lo unapudu we try planning
8. The sound of rain is more soothing than anyother music piece in the world.8. The sound of rain is more
9. Varsham lo dance chestu unte manaki chaala songs background lo run authu untay.9. Varsham lo dance chestu
10. Varsham lo if we cannot get wet, the only better thing we can do is sit sticking to the window till the rain disappears10.Varsham lo if we cannot
11. Varsham lo edi tinna super tasty ga anpisthadi. That is the power of rain.11. Varsham lo edi tinna
12. Umbrellas are not our friends.12. Umbrellas are not
13. Sun and rain give us the best surprises in the world. RAINBOWS.13.Sun and rain give us the best surprises
14. You hate it if people complain the rain for misplacing their plans. Rain is awesome. It is a hug!14. You hate it if people complain