25 Things that we end up doing when we are bored in the classroom!


1. Asking stupid questions to your teacher1-asking-stupid
2. Listening to music without getting caught2-listening-to-music
3. Mini militia 3-mini-militia
4. ‘Flipping a bottle’ tournament among your friends4-flipping-a-bottle
5. Thinking about some irrelevant things , for example “what would I do when a terrorist breaks through the door”.5-thinking-about-some-irrelevant-things
6. Trying to figure out how did that guy end up being in a relationship with that girl6-trying-to-figure-out
7. Throwing paper balls and other random objects on your classmates7-throwing-paper-balls
8. Try to crack jokes and make your friend a target of the teachers punishment.8-try-to-crack-jokes
9. Cracking jokes on teacher among your bench mates.9-cracking-jokes
10. Art on paper or on the bench.10-art-on-paper-or-on-the-bench
11. Eat your lunch.11-eat-your-lunch
12. Trying to write on your hand with a pencil after rubbing it on a nail.12
13. Tattooing a friends hand with just pens!13-tattooing-a-friends
14. ‘Pen fight’ if you remember14-pen-fight-if-you-remember
15. Making various sounds which could disturb the teacher.15-making-various-sounds
16. Completing the homework of another class and acting like you are noting down something important.16-completing-the-homework
17. Planning for your weekend.17-planning-for-your-weekend
18. Read a novel.18-read-a-novel
19. See how long you can hold your breath19-see-how-long-you-can-hold-your-breath
20. Pretending to listen but you are somewhere else20-pretending-to-listen
21. Counting the number of students present that day.21-counting-the-number
22. Penning down the lyrics of your favourite song.22-penning-down
23. Playing various games with your friend for example, ‘name place animal thing’, ‘tic tac toe’, bingo, etc.,23-name-place-animal-thing
24. Day Dream!24-day-dream
25. Last but not the least, sleeping without anyone’s notice!25-last-but-not-the-least